Borissov to Paris Peace Forum: Covid-19 is an awful weapon

No country can cope alone, Bulgarian PM notes

PM Boyko Borissov

“Covid-19 is an awful weapon that has been unleashed upon the world. I call it a weapon because it has taken a lot of lives and caused economic and financial damage,” PM Boyko Borissov posted on Facebook, clarifying that these words were part of his address to the Paris Peace Forum, which has been moved to mostly online this year.

The PM also believes that Covid-19 offers us a chance to introduce some changes – in the areas of green energy and combating terrorism – “to unite because, as the motto of the Bulgarian parliament says, Unity is Strength. That is how we should meet the challenges, as one, and Bulgaria stands ready to do its part.”

Borissov notes that we are faced with various challenges – Covid-19, migration, terrorism – and gives the attacks in Nice and Venice from a few days ago as examples. He stresses that these global problems require global solutions.

“I am confident that no country can cope alone. We must all work together to overcome the challenges. International organisations – like the UN, the World Health Organization – know how to do this and countries around the globe must support them. We need to do everything in our power to ensure the maximum effectiveness of their operations and everyone must contribute,” Borissov says in conclusion.

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