Bobokov brothers spew lies about Delyan Peevski on TV

For some men getting cuckolded is shameful, something to hide. Others, however, wear this fact like a badge of honor and even embellish it with lies. It is easy to see what category the Bobokov brothers fall in. The answer was made clear to anyone who chose to suffer through watching the farcical interview with Plamen and his older brother, Atanas, that bTV aired in primetime on Sunday.

A bunch of lies with not a shred of evidence presented in support were told by the Bobokov brothers, in their bTV primetime interview on Sunday. For those of you who might have forgotten about these two characters, let us remind you that they are the multi-millionaires who made it to the Top 10 richest businessmen in Bulgaria list thanks to a recycling business. Thousands of tons of junk, to be precise, which polluted the environment and damaged Bulgarian citizens’ health for years, according to the indictments brought against them and about a dozen accomplices.   

Thousands of pages of evidence have been filed with the court. Atanas Bobokov was recently released on bail, which had been said at BGN 2m, a record in the history of Bulgarian administration of justice. That record-breaking amount alone is a clear indication that the panel of judges that decided on the restrictive measure acted on the belief that there is evidence of wrongdoing. Solid evidence, at that, apparently. 

However, that did not stop the latest so-called honest businessmen, who started out during Bulgaria’s period of transition to democracy, from giving a 20-minute interview on national TV, right after Atanas Bobokov’s release, with the sole purpose of making themselves out to be victims, thus observing a tradition created by their fellow indicted oligarchs Tsvetan Vassilev, Vasil Bozhkov and others. They also resorted to the customary explanation – a corporate raid (a “hostile takeover” in their own words). Committed by whom? Well, Delyan Peevski, of course. The lawmaker, whom oligarchs in Bulgaria have grown accustomed to blaming for their own crimes. Obviously, their hope is to silence his publications’ revelations about their shady deals and hinder his legislative initiatives aimed at stopping all these schemes that have been syphoning off the public coffers for decades.  

There is no millionaire, let alone oligarch, who would confess to their crimes. In that sense, the audience of the Bobokov brothers’ 20-minute vaudeville statement should not have been surprised to hear them peddle a defense thesis embraced by all Bulgarian thieves – that they are victims of slander by someone trying to steal their business.

There is also nothing new in the brothers’ attempt to paint Delyan Peevski as the orchestrator of some imaginary attack against them. Even though the lawmaker has nothing to do with either junk or the business of recycling it, which can easily be verified as his companies operate entirely out in the open, this fake thesis was floated by Plamen Bobokov months ago in interviews he did for two other media outlets serving the indicted oligarchs’ interests. At the time, he claimed that Peevski had “put a target on their backs” because he had acquired their main competitor Elbat. The lie was subsequently disproven by Dimitar Popov, the owner and managing director of said company. Popov clearly stated that he did not know the lawmaker, had never met him personally and was puzzled as to why his name would be dragged into the illegal waste storage saga.    

And so the only new element in Sunday’s interview was that the Bobokov brothers are continuing to push this piece of slander without even going to the trouble of coming up with some marginally more realistically sounding conspiracy theory. Something other than the some-woman-said style of answers they have been giving to persistent questions about presenting evidence. “We have our sources! Nothing stays hidden in this country of seven million people,” was Plamen Bobokov’s confident comeback to every insistence that the two brothers should provide the public with some, any facts to back their assertion. He even nonchalantly adjusted his narrative to throw off the enemy – the viewers that is – by reclassifying Peevski from “orchestrator” to participant, someone who “joined the attack”.  

No facts were presented in support of any of these claims. Neither by Plamen Bobokov nor his brother, Atanas. And the simple explanation is that those just do not exist because the story is completely fabricated.

The only truth that came out of their mouths was the idea that nothing stays hidden in Bulgaria.  

Indeed, the Bobokov brothers would be wise to focus their energy on the initiative that the older Bobokov brother announced in that bTV interview and truly work to improve the conditions in which arrested individuals and prisoners are kept. Who knows, that could turn out to be their most perceptive investment if the Bulgarian judicial system does its job properly.

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