Blabbermouth Kutev lashes out at Peevski

Delyan Peevski

There are useful and useless people in the opposition. Left-wing MP Anton Kutev does not fall in the first category. He is something like a reformer, something like an internal oppositionist, to put it bluntly – something like nothing. Nevertheless his presence in the public space is all-pervasive. Nothing bad in it, if the man has a penchant for public performance and his fellow party men encourage him in compromising them along with himself.

Blabbermouths also deserve to have their own action field. That is why Kutev has the chance to interpret at length the processes running within the Bulgarian socialist Party (BSP) although he himself has never proposed any viable solution. Inferiority complex is a widespread phenomenon. For this reason experts recommend such line of activity to those who suffer from it to prevent these people from running to extremes. However, judging by some of Kutev’s performances one can arrive at a conclusion that the situation has spiraled out of control. And now we can coin a new term for some of his really moronic statements – Kutevisms (similar to Bushisms – translator’s note).

The demo version of this bush-league category of idle thoughts is the latest (for now) opinion piece by Kutev published in Sega, the newspaper run by natural gas baron Sasho Donchev. It is not quite sure that right now Kutev is not testing his pen in one of the similar media outlets of the “battering ram” type, e.g. Capital, Dnevnik or Mediapool. Practice shows that the media of the behind-the-scenes clique usually pass the ball to each other, so we cannot rule out the possibility that someone else would not like to retranslate the speculations of Anton the Great concerning the sworn enemy of the oligarchy – MP Delyan Peevski. “To me it is apparent that Peevski has serious influence over the judicial system at its different levels. Whether this influence has grown into absolute subjection or is only partial is a separate issue but I see that he has this influence,” Kutev lies without batting an eyelid. After it his thoughts start to wander and he serves another helping of “Kutovisms”, namely about some mysterious monopoly which Peevski holds over mass media. Sheer nonsense! How come that under this “strict control” there’s not a day when some conceited politician, or State Security agent like Ilian Vssilev, or no-good political analyst like Evgeni Dainov do not cast slur on Peevski. To say nothing of the innumerable fake news. If we have to quote Kutev all this “distorts the democratic system in Bulgaria and is already developing into a political issue.”

Exactly this line of conduct resulted in Kutev’s dismissal from the leadership of his own party (BSP) but to err is human, especially when Kutevisms gnaw on his mind. In the throes of creation Kutev has to relieve himself and then some of his fellow party members have to clean up the mess. So it happened in August of 2012, when the overheated MP uttered his scandalous statement that socialism was similar to AIDS and was either inherited or transmitted sexually. It is the same when he talks about Peevski: Kutev has nothing to tell the readers of the negligible newspaper of the gas oligarch. He only assumes airs. However it doesn’t seem funny, only pathetic. Evidently Kutev wants to be seen as a political phenomenon. But he is not and will never be!

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