Bivol launches offensive against Peevski Act

Bivol, one of the major websites of the Fake News Factory, which has close ties with the Russian propaganda machine - as shows the investigation of Monitor Agency - has launched an attack on the “Peevski” amendment. The amendment envisions that before 30 June all media in Bulgaria will have to bring to light their property status and financing sources.

Five smaller websites generating fakes keep company to Bivol in this attack:,,, and The first complaint came from the Factory’s flagship, Capital newspaper run by indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev.

In a letter addressed to Minister of Culture Boil Banov, these six media outlets complained that the amendments pose a serious threat to their very existence. The reason is that the texts moved by lawmaker and our publisher Delyan Peevski and his colleagues from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Hamid Hamid, Yordan Tsonev and Velislava Krasteva and adopted by the parliament are aimed at shedding light on medias’ property. However, it transpires from their outcry that these six sites are servicing the interests of indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, they are desperately trying to cover up their sources of financing. 

With this letter they want to pull the wool over the eyes of the Bulgarian community and conceal the fact that the funds used for their sustenance, allegedly from “donations”, actually have been generated during the mafia-style privatisation and the billions which the Bulgarian Madoff plundered from CorpBank depositors. For the first time the ingenious crowdfunding scheme was implemented by failed minister of justice Hristo Ivanov who used it for the foundation of Yes, Bulgaria political party.

Who in fact are the puppeteers behind the complaining media?

Their ties with Prokopiev, Vassilev and Hristo Ivanov are apparent. In the teams of these media lurk the faces of prominent professional protesters who have been defending the oligarchs from time immemorial. is the international branch of the Fake News Factory. Media racketeers Atanas Chobanov and Assen Yordanov peddle brazen lies to the European media which are later reprinted as “news” in Bulgaria. For years on end this odious couple have been looting the media space in Bulgaria pretending to be “unbiased crusaders fighting corruption” although in reality their whole life is focused on only two things: thirst for money and use of open racket for making it.

It is common knowledge that Bivol is actually working in tandem with the so-called Green Octopus, the party of pseudo-environmentalists. Chobanov has been living in Paris for years sponging on the France’s state treasury. More than that – is sponsored by Kremlin’s oligarch Konstantin Malofeev who proved to be a business partner of Tsvetan Vassilev. The spouse of Chobanov Maria Onuchko works for Russia Beyond the Headlines, Putin’s propaganda center based in Paris.

The publisher of, in turn, is the “blood red” journalist Koprinka Chervenkova who passes herself off for a dissident from the time when late president of France Francois Mitterrand invited for breakfast 12 Bulgarian intellectuals in 1989.

President of association and its editor-in-chief is Yuliana Metodieva – co-founder of grant-dependent organisation Bulgarian Helsinki Committee.

The other three sites demonstrated consensus united by their unwillingness to make their financing sources transparent. The site of former protester an ex-press attaché of America for Bulgaria foundation Ivette Dobrimirova copied one-to-one the post on Ivette’s husband was implicitly in charge of donations in Later on his tracks in this website have been covered up and currently no one knows how the donations to the site are implemented or accounted. Dobromirova herself also retreated into the shadows.

In their programme declaration the team of insist that they are all for transparency when it comes to medias’ property status, but behind this site stands the Civic Activity Centre which openly promotes the ideas of Communism. Most of the contributors to these sites share the same ideas, they have got together either via protesters’ actions or are activists of Hristo Ivanov’s Yes, Bulgaria party.

As, for instance, Yovko Lambrev of who is an activist in the negligible party of the failed justice minister. The site’s publisher is Toest foundation. On its board of trustees, except for Labrev and Ann Fam, who poses as fakes fighter, also sat Vladislav Sevov and Lina Krivoshieva. This quartet’s concept of journalism boils down to seeking and “sifting” news and its translation into understandable language. Their usual appeal is “support us” (financially). also pretends to be a partisan of independent journalism. At the same time, however, the site is open for all kinds of not all that much transparent financing sources. It is not clear what their site’s “shop” has to do with the quality of journalistic work. On it the potential sponsors of the site can buy for BGN 20 a T-shirt with various prints of policemen and thugs and the proceeds are channeled to oil the “protest of klinklin”. Even the subscribers of pay for the “privilege” to leave comments on the site, while the minimum fee is $5.

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