Binging on vodka and pickled herring, Agent Sasho tries to impute “Russian ties” to Peevski

Photo: Monitor News Agency Delyan Peevski

The neophyte “democrat” Ilian Vassilev, wider known by his State Security codename Sasho, has all the police tricks at his fingertips. One of them is provocation – the weapon which agent Sasho studied in-and-out as an agent of the 1st Main Directorate of the State Security whose loyal staff member he was for “ideological, moral and political reasons”.

This time too, the seasoned agent of the communist special services used Facebook for posting his lies while his preposterous insinuations were spread by a paid propaganda agent, Frognews, the website run by another State Security soldier, Ognyan Stefanov (aka Agent Academician).

“Peevski reigns in Bulgaria through Borissov, Geshev is his appointee,” Ilian Vassilev laments. Once again he promotes the worn-out talking point of the oligarchy that the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski played the lead role (guess in what) – in every event, from the election of the prosecutor general, via that of the chief of the Anti-Corruption and Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Assets Commission to the control over the mass media. According to Ilian Vassilev, Bulgaria’s former ambassador to Moscow who is running errands for the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, PM Boyko Borissov is only a glove puppet and part of the Reshetnikov’s plot while the chief conductor of the Russian influence in Bulgaria is… Delyan Peevski!

This is not just barefacedness but also a big fat lie born out of savouring too much of the typical Russian yummies, like vodka and pickled herring.

The media outlets of Telegraph Media for years have been throwing light on the close connections between Tsvetan Vassilev and the Russian spy network. They published their own journalistic inquiries based exclusively on facts, evidence and documents. It is exactly Tsvetan Vassilev who is one of Ilian Vassilev’s mentors. Agent Sasho himself had a service record at the 1st Main Directorate of the State Security where he worked in the foreign policy department. He was also an ambassador to Moscow which means that he is exactly the person who knows best how the Russian undercover units work. He has first-hand experience.

Agent Sasho obviously suffers from some rare disorder - when a patient ascribes his own and his fiends’ traits to other people. We would like to recommend him to read with more attention the publications in our media group’s outlets. There he will find detailed information about the recent scandals over the Russian influence peddlers in Bulgaria.

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