Biden signs 10 orders regarding the fight against Covid-19

Face masks to be worn on planes, buses, trains and at airports

Mask up or you won't be allowed to board a plane, train or bus in the US. President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Thursday, requiring passengers to wear face coverings during interstate travel, news wires reported. It's one of 10 executive orders signed by the president aimed at addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 400,000 Americans.

Airlines and their employees have been seeking such a federal mask mandate almost since the pandemic began, as they've struggled to deal with score of passengers who refuse to follow the airlines' own mask-wearing rules. But the Trump administration had refused to enact such a mask mandate. As a result, fights between airline passengers over someone's refusal to wear a face mask have become all too familiar during the pandemic.

Wednesday, as one of his first acts in the Oval Office, Biden signed an executive order requiring every government employee and visitor on federal lands and federal building to wear a face mask. Thursday's order requires anyone traveling on a commercial airline, passenger train or intercity bus to wear a face covering, as well.

In addition to signing the mask-wearing mandate, the Biden Administration is requiring international travelers coming into the US to prove they've tested negative for COVID-19 before they'll be allowed to board their flight. They'll also be asked to follow self quarantining guidelines upon arrival, too.

The President has directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to begin setting up vaccination centres, aiming to have 100 up and running in a month. He's ordering the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to begin a programme to make vaccines available through local pharmacies starting next month, and is mobilising the Public Health Service to deploy to assist localities in vaccinations.

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