BGN 700,000 donation by Delyan Peevski’s Intrust saves forest

The area is to be converted into a park with BGN 350,000 of the sum, while the rest will go to Hebar volleyball club

Delyan Peevski

A forest located on the land of the village of Tsrancha will not be auctioned as originally intended. It will instead be turned into a park accessible to the local residents and the people in the Pazardzhik region, revealed a press conference given by the mayor of Pazardzhik, Todor Popov. The sudden change of plan came about after Delyan Peevski’s company Intrust expressed willingness to donate BGN 700,000 so that the village does not become hostage of the larger municipality’s financial troubles.

In front of the journalists in attendance, Mayor Popov read out loud a letter signed by Alexander Georgiev, executive director of Intrust, in which the latter states that on the basis of an explicit decision by the sole proprietor of the company’s capital, Delyan Peevski, the sum will be donated if the Municipal Council of Pazardzhik reverses its decision to sell the forest.

“The wrath of the people of Tsrancha is justified because it is caused by a sense of injustice and because they are solely led by the desire to preserve some of the biggest treasures of their birthplace – their natural and cultural heritages. These are treasures whose value cannot be measured in money. Whatever the outcome of the planned public sale of the forest, it will be no adequate compensation for the loss suffered by the residents of Tsrancha or their faith in justice being trampled by your decision. Even if the revenue covers the municipality’s financial needs. This belief is shared by both the company I run, namely Intrust, and its sole owner, Mr Delyan Peevski. Thus is why we feel that the village of Tsrancha should not be made a hostage of the financial troubles experienced by the greater Municipality of Pazardzhik and we insist that you reverse your decision. We are confident that such a move would not only help restore a sense of justice, but also the trust of the Tsrancha villagers in the management decisions made by the local government as represented by you. In these trying times, unity and solidarity are of fundamental importance to our community,” the letter reads.

“I want to thank Mr Peevski for this donation. He has done a good deed and it is in times of crisis that the true character of people and their sense of responsibility are revealed. I am certain that he will continue to provide assistance in the future, as he is the biggest donor of the Municipality of Pazardzhik and the healthcare facilities in the region,” Mayor Todor Popov commented during the briefing. He said that he would follow the donor’s wishes and use BGN 350,000 of the sum to create a park near the village of Tsrancha, which will be named after St. George. The park will be outfitted with sports equipment and playgrounds, while the mayor of the village will be consulted as to what infrastructure is needed, Popov added. In accordance with the donor’s wishes, the remaining BGN 350,000 will go towards supporting the Hebar volleyball club. At the beginning of next week a meeting of the Municipal Council of Pazardzhik will be called to reverse the decision to sell nearly 370daa (37ha) of forest near the village of Tsrancha, the mayor of Pazardzhik assured. “When we initially made this decision, the idea was to bring revenue into the municipal coffers. We were not sure whether the sale would actually take place,” Popov explained. He expressed his gratitude to Delyan Peevski for his generosity and noted that, to his knowledge, this is the first time someone has ever paid for a sale not to be made. In this case – in order to protect the interests of the residents of Tsrancha and keep the forest in the village’s possession.  

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