BG Madoff’s mouthpieces implicate Peevski into a mix of lies about CorpBank

The spokespersons of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev have involved the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski in a yet another mash-up of lies and semi-truths. The reason for this new fake was the postponement of court hearing on the CorpBank case.

The case hearing was postponed because the witnesses failed to turn up in court which not only happens often in Bulgaria but is a usual ploy used by the defendants’ lawyers. True to the favourite strategy of the oligarchic Fake News Factory to turn every newsbreak into a fake against Peevski, Frognews managed to convert into fake even the lack of news.

To this end, the website of the State Security Agent Academician Ognyan Stefanov, which has established itself as the press center of the Bulgarian Madoff Tsvetan Vassilev, has copy-pasted an ad hoc Facebook post of another mouthpiece of the fugitive banker – blogger Miroslav Ivanov. The latter was exposed in Vassilev’s visitors’ book as one of his most frequent guests before the collapse of CorpBank.

After the affair flared up he became the key spokesperson for the fugitive banker and author of the most talking points circulated by the Fake News Factory in Bulgaria written to the dictation of the BG Madoff’s from abroad. In his post in the social network Ivanov used the postponement of the court hearing on the CorpBank case to call on the prosecution to discipline the witnesses, a rather unusual appeal having in mind that Vassilev’s defence lawyers made their utmost to delay the start of court proceedings on CorpBank case by months.

Following the old tradition after that he implicated the name of Peevski. First, in an ill-disguised way he lugged the name of Peevski to one of the witnesses, Valery Karadachki. For this he used an old talking point about the non-existent connection between the lawmaker and the construction company Vodostroy’98, a corny and many times refuted lie which transpires after a simple check in the Commercial Register.

Later on, to render more authenticity to this fake news, he tried to trace another connection between the MP and another witness, Nikolay Oresharov. To make the lie plausible Ivanov claims that Oresharov had audited a whole “cluster of firms owned by Peevski and his mother Irena Krasteva.” 

So, where is the truth? As we can easily guess the real picture is quite different from what Vassilev’s mouthpiece is trying to paint. Despite his claims about a “whole cluster of companies” this journalist on call of the fugitive banker quotes only one company – the Balkan Media Company. And it is not by chance at all – apparently he just cannot quote any other, not to say that a simple checkout in registers shows that Oresharov undersigned only a report about the company for 2013.

Here it is the moment to note that the company had paid off all outstanding debts to CorpBank and doesn’t owe anything to the bank which Tsvetan Vassilev made bankrupt, as shows the documentation of the bankruptcy administration. However, matters stand differently with dozens of other companies linked with the fugitive banker to whose benefit Ivanov is working and whose reports were undersigned by the abovementioned Oresharov.   

On the list of companies owing dozens of millions to CorpBank, there is Dunarit munitions plant, currently syphoned off by arms dealer Emiliyan Gebrev in favour of Tsvetan Vassilev. There is also a series of shell companies used for syphoning off CorpBank. Among them are such fraudster’s “gems” as Yulita 2002 and Dival 59. This, of course, is conveniently omitted in Ivanov’s post. The question “why” is only rhetorical.

There is one more rhetorical question – why Frognews sponsored by BG Madoff and the media of Prokopiev, Donchev and Donev spew out fakes against Peevski every single day? The lawmaker has long been thorn in the side for the Bulgarian oligarchs owing to his legislative initiatives one of which was aimed exactly at forestalling the secondary looting of CorpBank planned by Tsvetan Vassilev and his associates. As a result Peevski has become the key target for the fakes spread by the Fake News Factory founded and sustained by the fugitive banker and his indicted partners Ivo Prokopiev and Ognyan Donev as well as by natural gas lord Sasho Donchev.

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