Bellingcat: Man caught on video tape related to Gebrev’s poisoning headed the team which assassinated Skripal

A high-ranking officer of the Russian intelligence service and head of the team involved in the attempted murder of Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia in March 2018 is the man caught on tape in the building of EMKO company in 2015.

So said journalist Hristo Grozev from the investigative site Bellingcat in a commentary on videos shot on the day when businessman Emilyian Geberev was poisoned made public by the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office, The Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported. 

“We believe that this is Sergey Fedotov, head of the team sent to Bulgaria, whose real name is Denis Sergeev,” Grozev said.

The video footage made at the underground parking lot of EMKO on 28 April 2015 shows shots of a man walking among company cars. On the same day Geberev was admitted to hospital in critical condition and over the span of several days the same happened to his son and to one of the company’s managers.

A few days before the Prosecutor’s Office made the video footage public sources of Bellingcat reported that eight officers of Russian military intelligence GRU are behind the attempt at poisoning Gebrev. The team is known for poisoning their victims by planting toxic substance on door handles of their cars.

According to Grozev, Sergeev can be identified on the footage by his way of walking. The journalist also said that the Russian agent was caught on tape on numerous occasions during his stay in London and those tapes may be compared with the footage made in Bulgaria, it is “highly likely” that among them there are videos made outside the EMKO garage.     

On 23 January the Prosecutor’s Office charged the three Russians with poisoning Gebrev. Their names were not mentioned but a European arrest warrant was issued for all three of them. They are also internationally wanted for arrest and extradition.

In December 2019 the then prosecutor general Sotir Tsatsarov confirmed before media that there is “close connection” between some of the people who are investigated for poisoning Geberev and those suspected of assassinating Sergey Skripal in Salisbury in 2018.

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