Behind-the-scenes clique encroaches even sanctities to smear Delyan Peevski

We have not expected any morality from the hangers-on of the oligarchs, capable of stealing our health in order to fill their bank accounts abroad, but the personal press centre of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev - Frognews achieved the impossible. It turned the bottom into sky and kept digging down. In the swamp of its own unscrupulousness. To smash the enemies of its ringleader and of the indicted oligarchs.

The question is about a specific enemy - the one who put a spoke in the wheels of their shady deals through his legislative initiatives - the MRF MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

To be honest, Prokopiev's former Minister of Justice and current figurehead leader of the GMO party Yes, Bulgaria - Hristo Ivanov was the first to reach the sanctities. He waved the Bulgarian flag without any morality near the Rossenets beach in order to follow the script of his mentors, and afterwards he threw it in the dust. But also Ognyan Stefanov, the personal correspondent of the man who turned CorpBank into a pyramid and then fled with depositors’ billions to Serbia to avoid retribution for his crimes - Tsvetan Vassilev, apparantly will not be left out. In his attempt to catch up with the implementation of the talking points dictated to him by his benefactor, Agent Academic (i.g.Stefanov) from the former State Security forged the absurd propaganda thesis that the protests in Sofia, which are becoming weaker with each passing day, showed that the situation is revolutionary as during the April Uprising of 1876. And the question was about "freedom or death." Thus mocking at the memory of the thousands of warriors who sacrificed their lives for the Liberation of Bulgaria, without slight trembling of his pen.

However, for agent Academic, the sanctities are as subjective concept as the morality is. Digging them into the dust is a matter of stimulus. Financial stimulus, of course. In the whole pamphlet, written by the faithful agent of the obscure State Security, there is only one true sentence - the worst has really came to the worst. And it is time to get our country back from the captivity of the oligarchs, who have been plundering us for decades to fill their own pockets. Their pockets as well as the pockets of their hangers-on like the correspondent agent Academic, who is polishing the shoes of the billionaire above, owning the money of CorpBank depositors - Tsvetan Vassilev. And to his allies from the united behind-the-scenes front, shaking the country.

The truth is that not Delyan Peevski, but the mentor of Agent Academic and the similar favourites of the former PM Ivan Kostov, who became multimillionaires overnight, plundered the people. And they left a devastation in which, if there were not donors like the lawmaker, note – from the opposition MRF, the hospitals then would be so miserable in the midst of the worst health crisis, experienced by the world in the last decades.

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