Bára Prášilová's surreal women

The photographer and visual artist is a guest of Czech Centre Sofia

Photo: Bára Prášilová

Bára Prášilová is an extremely precise artist. She devotes much of her time and energy to preparing for her photographs. She often makes the props and costumes herself, as this is the only way to materialise her ideas. The worst thing that can happen to her is to be confronted with the limits of reality and then she is ready to walk through walls. Her artworks are well known around the world due to her perseverance and accuracy.

Now she is presenting her project Circles at the Czech Centre in Sofia. The exhibition, which can be seen until 16 July, is organised jointly with the Czech Republic Embassy in Sofia and is included in the Month of Photography programme. Curators are Marie Tomanová and Thomas Beachdel.

“In my photographic cycle, translated into the language of symbols and metaphors, images of women alternate at different stages of their childhood and adulthood, in full, partial or in no partnership, in the position of daughter, sister or mother, in the role of victim or uncompromising heroine, in the position of а woman who is underestimated or, on the contrary - figuratively or literally overexposed by the society. The purpose of my circles is not to educate or impose opinion. I would rather encourage us to be honest with ourselves, but this sincerity can cause laughter and irony. Are we able to introspect ourselves, how the individual images resonate in us, what irritates us and why? Are we able to look deep inside ourselves and explore what the origin of our emotions is? Whether the images with which we identify ourselves or the negative reactions to them are what leads us to internal, emotional and social balance,” says Bára Prášilová on the occasion of her exposition in Sofia.

Her surreal and complex photographs and short films balance between precise beauty and disturbing symbols. They are the result of careful planning and а demanding process of props' workmanship, which are often part of the photographic installations, presented in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In 2009 and 2011, Prášilová became Photographer of the Year in the Czech Republic (Czech Grand Design Award). In 2014 she won the prestigious Hasselblad Master Award and since then has been part of the competition's jury.

In addition to her original works, Bára Prášilová engages in commissioned work that bears her own distinctive style. Her campaign for the National Theatre in Prague as well as her first directorial debut for Tanec Praha were praised by a prestigious jury in New York and she was honoured with a Bronze Clio Award.

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