Austria requires more recent virus test results upon entry

Austria will tighten Covid-19 testing rules for travelers from Monday, dpa reported. Travellers arriving in the country from Covid-19 hotspots will have to provide more recent test results upon entry, according to a new ordinance by the Health Ministry in Vienna.


While novel coronavirus tests that were up to four days old were previously accepted, the time will now be shortened to three days.

The ministry published a list of 32 destinations with heightened infection risk on Friday night, after concluding that the recent rise in domestic cases was partly linked to arrivals from abroad.

The list includes most Balkan countries, which have been the source of a number of infection clusters in Austria in recent weeks. Sweden and Portugal are also on the list, as well as the US, Brazil and India.

People arriving in Austria from these 32 destinations must show a negative virus test at the border, or take a test within two days after entering the country.

This requirement applies to travellers who are Austrian residents or EU citizens, and to people from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway. Austria also tightens its rules for people who do not belong to any one of these countries and arrive from within Europe's border-less Schengen zone. Such travellers previously faced a14-day quarantine but were allowed to go free as soon as they showed a negative test. The new ordinance mandates a test as well as a quarantine that cannot be cut short.

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