Atlantic Council: Rumen Radev tramples on Constitution, behaves like Russian governor-general

The Atlantic Council of Bulgaria has severely criticised President Rumen Radev on its Facebook page for his political positions.

"pResident Rumen Radev is trampling on the Constitution like a bashibazouk, taking a political side, clenching his fists ridiculously and calling for rebellion instead of reconciliation," the Atlantic Council says, and probably the way the word "president" is spelled is not accidental. His behaviour is like a Russian governor-general in a conquered territory and he is ready to make a deal with the devil in order to gain the executive, according to the Atlantic Council. The organisation above insists that Rumen Radev should explain whether he intends to change the Geopolitics of the country. This is the most important matter and his silence is not accidental at all, the Atlantic Council states.

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