ASEM Sustainable Connectivity Portal launched

Photo: EU Tibor Navracsics

ASEM Sustainable Connectivity Portal, which is an online tool offering a wealth of data on the political, economic and social relationship between Europe and Asia,  was presented on Friday by the Commission as deliverable of the 12th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit in Brussels. The summit took place on 18-19 October and brought together 51 countries, as well as EU and Asian institutions.

The ASEM Sustainable Connectivity Portal, together with an accompanying report, offers insights into the state of connectivity between 30 European countries, 19 Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand (together representing the ASEM countries). According to a complementary study, links among ASEM countries are stronger than those with the rest of the world, but still far from reaching their full potential. The tool was prepared by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), Commission's science and knowledge service.

According to Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, responsible for the JRC, connectivity inside Europe and inside Asia is currently five times stronger than connectivity between Europe and Asia. The potential for us to enhance these links is therefore substantial, he said adding that the portal can play a crucial role in helping policymakers, businesses, investors and researchers to identify gaps in cooperation, and crucially, help to generate ideas on how to address them.  

The portal also presents detailed information on individual countries and their bilateral connections with other partners, and provides a single access point to data for policymakers, researchers, businesses, citizens and other stakeholders. By identifying links and gaps in cooperation, the portal can be used to promote trade and societal links.

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