Artists of naive art from all over the world exhibit in Veliko Tarnovo

Photo: BTA Daniela Ossikovska

International Salon Naive is presenting an enriched exposition in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The exhibition halls Rafael Mihaylov are the second location after Sofia where artists from all over the world who paint in a naive style show their artworks, announced Daniela Ossikovska, a volunteer for the organisation team at the opening of the event.

Paintings, plastic arts and woodcarvings by 77 authors from 21 countries can be viewed until 10 August.

The exposition is enriched with artworks from the fund of the Salon of Naive and Intuitive Art in Belogradchik, established in 2019, Ossikovska said.

According to her, the artworks of artists who work in this genre attract more and more admirers because behind the seemingly sweet jokes of the painted scenes are hidden many philosophical insights. It is a kind of art that makes you smile, and it is no coincidence that interest is growing after the hard months marked by the Covid-19 crisis, she commented.

Some of the artists who paint in this style are self-taught while others have a serious academic education. They organise their exhibitions around the world on a cooperative basis, each helping the other and selling together their works, Ossikovska added.

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