Around 200 migrants landed on Lampedusa in few hours, Conte promises repatriations

Photo: EPA Italian immigration officers help a child disembark from a ship as a group of migrants arrives from North Africa to Lampedusa, 3 August.

Around 200 asylum seekers landed on eight different boats on Lampedusa overnight, further complicating the already difficult situation on the southern Italian island, ANSA reported. They were taken to the island's migrant hotspot, rising the number present at the facility up to 910. In theory the structure has a capacity of 95.

A sharp rise in the number of migrant-boat landings from North African in recent weeks has put facilities under strain, especially given the need for arrivals to go into quarantine due to the coronavirus emergency. Several cases of large groups of migrants under quarantine running away from the facilities hosting them has caused widespread concern.

Premier Giuseppe Conte on Monday promised that his government will adopt a tough stance and will intensify repatriations. "You cannot enter Italy in this way, especially in this acute phase (of the COVID-19 emergency,)" Conte said.

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