Arnaud Dumond to give two concerts in Bulgaria

Photo: BTA Arnaud Dumond

World-renowned composer and guitarist Arnaud Dumond is to give two concerts in Bulgaria. He will make his first visit to the country together with Elena San Roman, one of the few women in the world who has mastered the flamenco guitar.

The concerts are scheduled for 17 September, at the Home of Culture in Plovdiv, and 19 September, at the Bulgaria Hall in Sofia, the BTA newswire reported.

Dumond is visiting the country at the invitation and with the cooperation of the Art Gallery Constantin association for cultural exchange, headed by Konstantin Nikolov and his wife, Elena – two Bulgarian doctors who have been practicing medicine in France for the past 20 years. The couple established the association in 2011 purely out of love for art and artists. They both stress how important nurturing the soul and spirit is to a person’s physical health.

“Prof. Arnaud Dumond is among the most prominent figures of the French and global musical scene today. He is not only a magical guitarist but also a wonderful composer. He turns everything he touches into music,” Dr. Elena Nikolova, artistic director of the association, shared.

She noted that the idea for the concerts in Bulgaria was born in May in Paris when she invited the two performers to a concert of Akademika, a guitar ensemble from Plovdiv, organised by the association. “It took place at the Sainte Elisabeth de Hongrie Cathedral and I was happy to see Arnaud and Elena at that event. Over the course of our conversation, I discovered that, despite his enormous popularity and many concerts around the world, Arnaud Dumond had never been to Bulgaria. At that point, I and Prof. Stella Dinkova, head of the guitar ensemble, exclaimed ‘Please feel invited!’ as if on cue. We chose the earliest dates that did not conflict with anyone’s schedule and it was in September,” Dr. Nikolova told the story of how the plan for the concerts in Bulgaria came about.

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