Arms control in Russia to be reviewed after shooting in Kazan school

Russian President Vladimir Putin today ordered a review of the regulations established for the permit to carry weapons in the country, after the shooting causing the death of eight and 20 wounded people in a Kazan school.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said the president ordered that a new framework be urgently drawn up on the type of weapons authorized for circulation among the civilian population, taking into account the model used in the Kazan shooting.

"[The Russian president] handed down a special order to [Head of the Russian National Guard Viktor Zolotov] to hammer out a new regulation on the types of weapons, which may be for civilian use, and which may be in the possession of citizens, including the types of small arms, which the gunman used," Peskov specified.

"The fact is that sometimes, hunting weapons are registered as small arms, which in some countries are used as assault rifles, and so on. This too will be swiftly hammered out by the National Guard," Peskov said.

The new regulation is aimed at eliminating this contradiction.

The shooting took place this morning at a school in that city of the Republic of Tatarstan, in southwestern Russia. Speaking to Russia 24 television channel, the region's chief, Rustam Minnijanov, said police detained the 19-year-old gunman. 'The terrorist is under arrest. He's 19 years old. He has a weapon registered under his name,' he pointed out. Security forces indicated that there were two attackers, one of them was arrested and the second was shot dead.

The Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case into mass murder after the tragedy.

The Tatarstan authorities declared 12 May a day of mourning for the victims of the tragedy. Today was the first day of classes in Russia, after last week's vacation.

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