Are gallows new emblem of free speech, Mr Prokopiev?

A scary shot in the manipulative media outlet Dnevnik of the scandalous businessman stirred the spirits

Yesterday, for hours in Dnevnik - one of the media outlets of the scandalous businessman Ivo Prokopiev, there was a photo depicting gallows from the ongoing protests. The editors of the manipulative media outlet have apparently chosen this scary shot as an unequivocal message to their readers.

Are gallows the new emblem of the free media, for which Prokopiev, the political dwarf party Yes, Bulgaria, Hristo Ivanov and the head of political police of the former PM Ivan Kostov - General Atanas Atanasov are bleating forth? It is a public secret that Ivo Prokopiev and Hristo Ivanov come from red communist families and they are obviously cradled in the ideas about the People's Court. It is the same court that killed Nikola Petkov, Rayko Aleksiev, Yordan Badev, Danail Krapchev and many others without a fair trial. Minutes later, the Capital circle repeats the mantra of 111th place of Bulgaria ranking in media freedom. We wonder if Prokopiev&Co, by publishing the gallows, hope that Bulgaria will move forward in the imaginary ranking or it will sink to poition number 200. And what will be the next step of Capital and anarcho-liberals - whether they will be satisfied only with the gallows or they are ready for even more extreme signs such swastika, for example?

Apparently, this is their idea of ​​democracy.

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