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No need to deceive ourselves - in each of us lives a dromomaniac who has an uncontrollable urge to wander every day and loves the opportunity to visit new destinations “the more… the more”, as our beloved Winnie The Pooh would say. Sometimes, however, planning a trip - whether it's a family vacation, a self-wellness experience, a visit to a long-dreamed place on the world map or a last-minute weekend get-away - can turn from pleasure into a real nightmare and spoil the mood of even the most positive person.

Fortunately, there are currently dozens of cool mobile and web applications that can save us from such a course of events and on top of everything can even help us save some money ... just by the way. And no, we're not talking about the well-known Booking and Airbnb.

The dream organiser

If, for example, you are one of those people who like to have everything planned in advance in order to avoid any imaginable and unimaginable offspring, then you will certainly fall in love with the Travel planning platform. It will only require you to set your desired budget for the trip, and in return will prepare a great selection of cool destinations, cheap flights, transfers and accommodation especially for you. To achieve this, the platform collects a huge amount of data from several major search engines, then screens and combines this data into a sample proposal.

Obviously, the initial "offer" can be changed many times, so that the result can meet your every whim in the end. For example, you can choose a flight in a specific time zone, book the most suitable vehicle for your airport transfer, as well as pick the location of your hotel, if you wish it to be close to a place of your choice in the city (for example, near to the airport, to the centre of the city or to specific landmarks and restaurants).

On the wings of tranquillity

In case that you have already a destination in mind and you only need an assistant in booking flight reservations, then we have two suggestions for you. One of them is called Momondo - flight booking app, which together with SkyScanner offers (we swear!) the best possible ticket prices. On top of that, unlike most of its competitors, it offers all-​in-one travel and reservation options -  the cheapest plane ticket, the best ratio of price-duration-number of stops, the most convenient (and the most expensive, accordingly) ticket and so on. This app allows the creation of "multi-city" combinations, which is superconvenient for trips with more than one stop (enough of this taking direct trips to Rome and Milan because of the cheap tickets, we have to live adventurously!).

The Hopper app is also perfect for planning your travelling by air forward in time (such as "I guess I won't have the money this year, but we will see the next one ..."). The idea behind this app is simple - it makes assumptions about the price movement of plane tickets based on chronological data. You just "tell" it when and where you want to fly and then wait for the shower of news.

For the spontaneous road-trippers

If you do not want to be concerned with complicated organisations, airplanes and similar things, and you just want to start your car and spontaneously go somewhere with your loved ones, and you want to test something different from Waze and Google Maps for navigation, then Roadtrippers app is a super nice and useful tool for this purpose. The fact that the free version allows you to enter only seven stops on the road can be an obstacle, but that is not a small number.

Moreover, the app also offers for each of them interesting sights in the relevant area, as well as entertainment, camping sites, restaurants etc. Here we will share in your ear about Drivvo - an app that locates all gas stations nearby, along with the prices they offer.

The Catcher in... the forest

Maybe you are mad about mountains and the perfect trip for you lies in conquering peaks and contemplating beautiful ponds. Then without any doubt, OruxMaps is probably your most reliable partner.

It is mostly used by mountaineers, adventurers and explorers of forest and deserted countrysides - where there are no car roads. Its big advantage is its ability to work with any maps saved in IMG file format. One of these maps is the best tourist, electronic map of Bulgaria - BGMountains. This is an extremely detailed topographic map, which lists many eco-trails, dirt roads, places and historical sites, which can be reached only on foot, so if you are planning a trip in Bulgaria - do use it!

The map can be downloaded free from the Internet only once and afterwards no internet connection is required, which makes the app perfect for visiting remote areas where smartphones are not reachable and there is no access to mobile data.

No more visits at the "Forgotten property" office

Whatever the planned destination is, the luggage should be packed in any case. We do not know how it is with you, but we are one of those people who would always leave this to the very last minute and who would always forget something (despite the hundred sticky notes around the house).

If you are like us, then there is a chance that next time you will not forget anything. The true helper in this regard is the Packpoint - an app that not only makes your packing list of everything you need for your trip, but also does it based on the length of your travel, destination or purpose of your trip.

Naturally, this list may also be constantly corrected by adding or removing items from the pre-set ones, or by checking those that have already fit comfortably in your suitcase or backpack.

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