Apple's main network was hacked by Melbourne teen

16-year old has compromised the iPhone maker’s server and stolen 90GB of confidential data

Photo: Flickr

A 16-year old Australian teenager is currently facing criminal charges after hacking into Apple's so-called "backend network", stealing 90GB of secure files, and downloading private user data multiple times over the past year, The Children's Court in Melbourne announced. Once the tech giant detected the security breach it reportedly called in the FBI, who in turn reached out to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Consequently, a raid was conducted on the teenager's family home by police officers.

“Two Apple laptops were seized and the serial numbers matched the serial numbers of the devices which accessed the internal systems. A mobile phone and hard drive were also seized and the IP address ... matched the intrusions into the organisation. The purpose was to connect remotely to the company’s internal systems,” Australian prosecuter said.

The 16-year old kid, it appears, presented extensive knowledge of developing computerised tunnels and bypassing systems to hide his identity; a great deal of detailed instructions and hacking files were found in a folder labelled "hacky hack hack". On his laptop was also found the software he'd made use of to execute said hacking.

He had gained access to authorisation keys, which he the used to access the aforementioned data, whilst using WhatsApp to communicate his feat to others. All of this was going swimmingly, until he was detected by Apple and was eventually caught.

The teenager later admitted to the police that he targeted Apple because he is an admirer of the trillion-dollar company and had always "dreamed of" working for it - a claim that was affirmed by his lawyer. Though his guilty plea was acknowledged by the magistrate, the sentencing itself has been pushed to next month, owing to the complex nature of the case.

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