Apple pays Ireland €14.3 bn still appealing against EU ruling

Ireland has fully recovered €13.1bn in disputed taxes from Apple plus interest of €1.2bn which it will hold in an escrow fund pending its appeal against an EU tax ruling, Ireland’s finance minister Paschal Donohoe announced on Tuesday.

The EU Commission ruled in 2016 that Ireland gave multinational tech giant Apple illegal state aid worth up to €13 billion over a decade. Both Apple and Dublin are appealing against the original ruling, saying the iPhone maker’s tax treatment was in line with Irish and EU law.

The EU Commission had previously complained that Ireland was “taking too long” to recover the funds from Apple. Last year the National Treasury Management Agency revealed that BNY Mellon had won the tender to operate the multi-billion euro escrow account and in May it said that the first tranche of the funds were paid. Confirming on Tuesday that the entirety of the funds have been paid, Minister Donohoe again reiterated that the government is seeking the have the EU Commission’s decision reversed.


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