Apparently scared by hard-hitting questions the Reporters avoided meeting with Telegraph Media

The organisation has become the main mouthpiece for the propaganda spread by oligarchic publishers

The Reporters without Borders (RSF) have again ducked out of the meeting with the media outlets of Telegraph Media group. Following a number of letters and telephone calls to the NGO’s headquarters within the last two years in which we insisted on having a conversation with the organisation’s director general Christophe Deloire about the scandalously low and questionable 111th position of Bulgaria in the RSF press freedom ranking, on Tuesday the editors-in-chief of Monitor and Telegraph sent to him another invitation for a meeting.

This time we addressed him from the pages of these two newspapers and offered to hold the meeting at the head office of our publishing group. However, the organisation, which for years now has been playing the role of a key partner and mouthpiece for the talking points of Ivo Prokopiev and other oligarchic publishers in Bulgaria, once again did not answer to our invitation. 

We took the decision to insist on a discussion again after Christophe Deloire and head of the RSF Balkan desk Pauline Ades-Mevel flatly refused to answer our questions as to how many people in Bulgaria fill in their questionnaires on which they base their rankings of Bulgaria. The answer to these questions is the clue to the massive smearing campaign against our country abroad as already several months ago it transpired that the ranking is not representative at all, at least in its part concerning Bulgaria. The reason is that the abovementioned questionnaires are filled in by about ten people as only one-third of them are journalists. For reference, according to the official data of the National Statistical Institute, only printed editions in Bulgaria number over 240. It means that the respondents who fill in these questionnaires do not account for 1% of them.

At the same time the bottom position of Bulgaria in the ranking and the statements published by RSF concerning the status of the media sector in Bulgaria are used on a regular basis for spreading fake news by the indicted oligarchic publishers headed by Ivo Prokopiev and his cronies, Ognyan Donev, Sasho Donchev and Tsvetan Vassilev. The NGO and its claims traditionally are circulated via the media outlets financed by the oligarchs, starting from Capital and Dnevnik, to ClubZ, Mediapool and Sega down to Frognews and all of the known and unknown cogs of the Fake News Factory run by these oligarchs. Logically it raises grounded doubts about the organisation’s role in catering to their interests, quite deliberately at that. These doubts are confirmed by the fact that so far the RSF has not only did not react in any way to the personal confessions of Prokopiev in the verbatim records of ARGOgate which attest to the fact that he “controls the mainstream in Bulgaria” via his pawns installed in a number of online editions and TV channels. One of such attempts was made in the presence of Pauline Ades-Mevel who has not even responded to the outright violation of the journalists’ right to access to information and asking questions.

Nevertheless we will keep on asking our “inconvenient” questions to RSF, seek the truth and make it public despite their attempts to substitute the truth with the propaganda of Prokopiev & Co.

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