Antiquity smuggler No 1 blames Delyan Peevski for his own crimes

El Chapo falls into a mental disorder, attributing his sins to others

How many treasure hunters sacrificed their lives so that Bulgarian mobster Vasil Bozhkov, called El Chapo, could collect his famous privately owned collection of works? How many artists died suddenly being harassed so that the oligarch could decorate his walls with their paintings?

How many relatives of artists were expelled from our country with empty pockets because he stole their inheritance? How many illegal records were fabricated so that El Chapo from Velingrad could create a blackmail machine? How many girls were brutally raped and how many human destinies were ruined because the mobster had imagined that everything in this world was allowed to him and there would never be retribution for his affairs?

You will not receive an answer to any of these questions from the mobster El Chapo, who spreads Facebook posts written by the withered blonde Ivet Dobromirova. Instead, he began to chew in his toothless mouth the name of the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. Because this is a convenient chewing gum for all who have problems with the justice. For all those who regard themselves as being above the law as well. El Chapo cannot swallow the fact that while he is buying and exporting antiques, Peevski and his publications are telling the truth.

The lisping villain is waving the bat not from today and he threatens everyone who violates his comfort. The questions he asks are an evidence of severe mental impairment. The mobster attributes his own crimes to other people. It is no coincidence that for several days now he has been making "revelations" about some kind of drug trafficking. Bozhkov's crimes are evaded taxes in the gambling business, assassinations, antiques smuggling.

We should remind to the smuggler №1 in Bulgaria, and worldwide too, that exactly his name appears in the diplomatic letters of the American ambassadors to the US State Department. "Bulgaria's most infamous gangster is Vasil Krumov Bozhkov, nicknamed The Skull." This was written in 2009 in a diplomatic letter by the acting US ambassador to Bulgaria John Ordwick. When will Ivet Dobromirova, the head of Bozhkov's troll army, make the real website of her boss? The page of The Skull - mobster №1 of the Bulgarian transition to democracy.

It is an absolute lie that Peevski was interested in "Bojkov’s" antiques. The lawmaker has never dealt with antiques and had no interest. It is clear that Bozhkov is worried and disappointed that his illegal collection will return to where it belongs - in the state, not in the basements of his office. But at the backdrop of his 19 felony charges made against him by the Prosecutor’s Office so far, this collection in question is his most inessential problem. Four assassinations are among them and BGN 700 million in gambling taxes, which he plundered from the state. He is to face each of them. No matter how many websites they will open with his sweetheart LiLana to spew fake news through them, the questions to Bozhkov will be asked in the courtroom. The chicanery will not help him there. Everything else will weigh on his conscience, because there is no money by which he could atone his numerous sins.

Ivet Dobromirova from Protest Network - a retired protester, has gotten the knack. If Peevski's name is in the posts of her thinned clients, then their chatters will be certainly indexed. Dobromirova was left alone, excluded from all her former comrades, who realised what a bad egg she is and officially separated from her. Now the only thing she can do is to hold on tight to Bozhkov so that she doesn't have to make a living by walking dogs paid per hour. She is the living proof that billionaires like Bozhkov do not know how to invest in quality people and services. Because despite the luxury in which El Chapo loses, he remains at the level of a gangster, who is carrying a bat.

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