An artist between two eras

Sofia City Art Gallery presents over 160 works by Andrey Daniel

In 2019, Andrey Daniel was invited to work with a team of the Sofia City Art Gallery on a solo exhibition. In the process of figuring out the appropriate collection of pieces, the artist suddenly passed away.

The loss of Andrey Daniel, of his wealth of ideas and knowledge, his recollection of events, of the opportunity for him to personally make choices about the exhibition as well as the fact that writing new captions was no longer possible - all of this necessitated the rethinking and expanding of the entire project and the creation of an album featuring a biography and a catalogue showcasing his paintings in chronological order. Before his passing, the artist settled on Between Two Eras for the exhibition title.

Between Two Eras is an artist's sense of a dividing line creating a before and after, of a boundary, a fork in the road. Andrey Daniel was extremely consistent in his work and will remain an indelible part of our time. An artist, a socially conscious person, a teacher, he was a prominent artistic figure who moved Bulgarian painting of the late 20th and early 21st century forward.

The current exhibition and its accompanying album are the result of an extensive research and efforts to bring together Daniel's works, owned by public and private collections all over the country and abroad. Of the more than 500 paintings found and catalogued in the album, visitors of the show will have the chance to see over 160 arranged on the gallery's two floors. On display will be some of Daniel's earliest pieces, artworks dating back to the 1980s, winners of numerous awards, others that have not been publicly shown for nearly 30 years, and paintings representing emblematic series and significant themes in Andrey Daniel's body of work, which have made him one of the most prominent Bulgarian artists of the past four decades.

The exhibition will be open to visitors from 13 April until 13 June.

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