Amazon launches pay-by-palm stores

Photo: AP

The global e-commerce giant announced it had introduced its new pay-by-palm technology in some of the Whole Foods groceries, AP reported. The points with the newly introduced biometric authorized payments are located near the company’s headquarters. The innovation allows customers to use their palms to connect o an Amazon credit card and authorize payments. The technology, called Amazon One, lets shoppers scan the palm of their hand and proceed with their transactions.

Amazon first launched the technology late last year and at that time said it could be used at stadiums, office buildings and other retailers. So far, Amazon hasn’t announced any takers. It has been put into use in several of its cashier-less stores and Amazon said it has signed up thousands of users, but didn’t provide a specific number.

Privacy experts have warned against the use by companies of biometric data, such as face or palm scans, because of the risk of it being hacked and stolen. Amazon said it keeps the palm images in a secure part of its cloud and doesn’t store the information on the Amazon One device. The company said shoppers can also ask for their information to be deleted at any time.

A Whole Foods store in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle started using the technology on Wednesday. Seven additional Whole Foods locations in the area will have it installed in the coming months. Amazon declined to say if or when other locations might get it.

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