Amazon founder Bezos tops Forbes list of billionaires again

For the third year in a row, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos Bezos took the top spot on Forbes' rank of global billionaires, news wires reported. His net worth fell $18bn last year to $113bn, according to Forbes, partially due to the high-profile split from his wife MacKenzie Bezos.

 Amazon's stock rose 15% last year, helping offset some of that loss. MacKenzie Bezos also made her first appearance on the list, thanks to the $38 billion divorce settlement. As part of the settlement, she got 25% of the couple's Amazon stock. She now ranks 22nd on Forbes' list.

Forbes revealed the 34th edition of list Tuesday. The list takes into account some of the coronavirus pandemic, which has thrown global markets into a panic over the past few months. For the first half of March, 226 people lost their billionaire status and there are 58 fewer billionaires compared to the same time last year. In total, Forbes counted 2,095 billionaires.

"Of the billionaires who remain, 51% are poorer than they were last year. In raw terms, the world's billionaires are worth $8 trillion, down $700 billion from 2019," Forbes said.

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