All (oligarchs) against Peevski

The last leg of the election campaign is highly stressful for the behind-the-scenes players

These days, the minions of various indicted oligarchs are working overtime, churning out one text after the other – about non-existent gold (caricature) masks, rhinoceroses, letters to the Church, and a tonne more nonsense. All these masterpieces of thought are aimed at the same person – lawmaker of the civil quota of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

The texts are piling up on the internet faster than the appreciative oligarchs can pay their authors. This hastiness is dictated by the looming European Parliament elections and the fact that Peevski, the biggest enemy of the shadowy political and economic circles in Bulgaria, is a second-time candidate for MEP. He has more than a realistic shot at winning a seat in the EP. The available statistics shows as much. In every election Peevski has ever stood, he has won more votes than all of the oligarchs’ GMO political projects combined. This has been a source of endless aggravation for the indicted businessmen.

They know very well why they hate Peevski but refuse to admit the reason because, frankly, it would be very stupid to just publicly state: “I do not want that person because he spoils the oligarchic bliss I have been living in for decades.”

And how are they supposed to like him? For a decade, the young MP has been openly combating the behind-the-scenes clique that has the Bulgarian society and state in its vice-like grip. Peevski introduced to parliament several significant legislative initiatives against the oligarchs’ shady dealings and they were approved by the National Assembly. Now, the indicted businessmen are trying to create white noise and make people forget about those. This is an old trick from the days of former PM Ivan Kostov, who also banked on “the short memory of the people”.

But people remember that Peevski is among the proponents of the law intended to stop the secondary plundering of CorpBank by figureheads tied to Tsvetan Vassilev. Thanks to the regulatory change the lender’s bankruptcy administrators are already able to monetise a portion of its assets so that they can repay both the depositors whom the fugitive banker defrauded and the state, which provided the money to cover the deposits insured under Bulgarian law.

People also remember the fact that Peevski was the first who called for more transparency in the media industry, which the oligarchs have turned into a swamp with their fake-news-spewing propaganda publications and websites. Thanks to the lawmaker’s and his fellow MRF members’ efforts the parliament enacted a law that illuminates the media’s financing – i.e. who pays for the puppet journalists’ work. It will soon be possible to understand how it is that small-circulation newspapers and marginal websites exist even though no one has interest in reading them. The answer – the indicted businessmen pay so that they have a medium to control people.

Speaking of media, we, the publications comprising Delyan Peevski’s Telegraph Media group, have proven three things over the years – we are honest, not afraid to expose the oligarchs’ wrongdoings and rely neither on grants, nor on state aid or EU funds, or on millions from shadowy individuals whose source cannot be traced. This is why over the years we have done hundreds of investigations, which nowadays are even scarier to indicted oligarchs such as Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev and Ognyan Donev and their crony Sasho Donchev.

This is why the oligarchs are aiming for somewhat more believable fabrications to justify their attacks against Peevski. They can ill-afford Peevski going to Brussels, a bigger platform for his efforts to expose their shady deals. This circumstance has made the attacks particularly vicious.

There is still almost an entire week to go before the elections. The show of the spooked oligarchs is just beginning.

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