Alexandrovska hospital recieves over BGN 1m worth of donations, Peevski is on the list of donors again

Over the span of five days Alexandrovska University Hospital has received donations worth more than BGN 1m. These are disposables and money for the purchase of medical equipment and protective garments. The donations were provided by over 20 companies and physical persons. The largest donation came from A1 mobile operator, which transferred to the hospital BGN 222,000 for fighting coronavirus.

Fantastico chain of supermarkets donated BGN 200,000 while DSK Bank added another BGN 200,000. The Bulgarian Energy Holding donated the same amount of money.

The name of lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski again tops the list of donors. He donated BGN 150,000 for the purchase of medical equipment, respiratory units, protective gear and disposables necessary for battling the infection. The head of the crisis response centre Gen. Ventsislav Mutafchiyski announced that Peevski made a donation worth over BGN 300,000 in the form of protective garments and tests for COVID-19, which have already arrived in the Military Medical Academy. “On Saturday, a large donation of protective garments was received. Yesterday, came another big donation – many tests and disposables required for their use. It came from MP Delyan Peevski and its worth is estimated at BGN 300,000. There are many other donors, the total worth of funds collected by the crisis response centre that will be spent on purchasing everything we need runs at about BGN 800,000 now,” Gen. Mutafchiyski explained. Several days ago it transpired that Delyan Peevski is among the most generous donors of Pirogov emergency hospital. He provided to the hospital 11 respiratory units, 1,000 protective garments and funds for a total value of BGN 497,000. Thus, so far the publisher of Telegraph Media has helped the fight with coronavirus with a sum to the tune of BGN 950,000.

America for Bulgaria Foundation made a donation of BGN 150,000 to Alexandrovska University Hospital. The medical institution received another BGN 100,000 from Bella Bulgaria.

Last week the hospital received a donation of BGN 222,000 from a businessman for the purchase of respiratory units but it turned out that the donation was made on one condition – the donor asked to give priority to his employees who might need treatment requiring the use of respiratory units. The hospital returned the gift with the reasoning that all patients are equal and giving priority to some of them would be in violation of the Hippocrates oath. Later the sum was collected within one day alone by three women, who managed to collect the sum needed for buying 15 respiratory units thanks to their campaign Bulgaria for Bulgaria. One of campaign organisers, Krastina Stefanova, said that over 1,5000 people have supported the cause, both physical persons and companies.

These are by far not all firms and people who decided to help the hospitals. Nationwide the fundraising campaigns are at full swing, people are collecting money for disposables and protective gear for the hospitals and medical personnel.

Businessman Georgi Gergov from Plovdiv donated BGN 300,000 for building a laboratory. MPs of GERB party gave out their salaries, or a total of BGN 100,000. This sum will be transferred to the account of the Ministry of Health         


The No.1 goalkeeper in the history of the Bulgarian football Dimitar Berbatov also joined in the campaign. He himself explained that his donation is addressed to the Bulgarian Medical Association and is meant for the purchase of protective gear and disposables so that doctors and nurses are safe. “The situation we are facing now is unprecedented that is why I would like to extend my gratitude to all medical professionals and all those who want to contain the spread of this deadly virus,” Berbatov said.

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