ALDE Party elects its new leadership

Ilhan Kyuchyuk together with his Bulgarian colleagues MEPs Iskra Mihaylova (R) and Atidzhe Alieva-Veli (L).

Today, during its 40th congress in Athens, ALDE Party elected its new Bureau. Renewed mandate received ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen. With overwhelming support of 84% of the votes, the highest score among all candidates, as Vice-President was re-elected Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

Kyuchyuk is a Bulgarian member of the European Parliament from the Renew Europe Group/ Movement for Rights and Freedoms. He serves as Vice-President of the ALDE Party since 2015.

The other five new Vice-Presidents are Annelou van Egmond, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Daniel Berg, Baroness Sal Brinton and Timmy Dooley.


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