Albanians vote in parliamentary election

Photo: EU The pedestrian area in the center of Tirana.

Albanian voters head to the polls to elect the country's 140-seat parliament, with twelve political parties taking part in the race.

The forecasts predict a tight race between the ruling Socialist Party and the opposition Democratic Party with Prime Minister Edi Rama's PS willing to score a third election victory and PD led by Lulzim Basha to return to power after eight years in opposition.

The new government will have to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and rebuilding homes after the 2019 devastating earthquake in the country, observers note.

Albania is expecting this year official start of EU accession talks and invitation for the first inter-governmental conference. One month ago the EU Parliament welcomed country’s clear strategic orientation and its commitment to the EU integration and called for the formal start of accession negotiations without any further delay, following the complete fulfilment of the conditions set by the European Council.

EU lawmakers underlined that the Albanian general elections on 25 April this year will be key for the consolidation and renewal of Albania’s democratic process, but they also warned that free and fair elections are fundamental to the EU integration process.

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