Airbus posts 38% growth in May as jet demand recovers

Photo: EPA

The European airplane maker Airbus announced it had managed to delver 50 new jets in May, bringing the total number of produced planes to 220 units since the start of 2021, Reuters reported. Those figures put the output growth of the based in France firm at 38% compared to the same period of 2020. The 2021 deliveries included the first A380 superjumbo to Dubai's Emirates since December 2020 with only four more left to deliver.

Airbus also confirmed an order of five A350 wide-bodied jets from, announced by the airline last month. Still Airbus data released on Monday showed that the German airline had also simultaneously cancelled three previous A350 orders, resulting in a net addition of only two A350 jets. An Airbus spokesman confirmed the mixture of cancellations and orders. The order reshuffle was part of a fleet restructuring that also saw Lufthansa buy five more competing Boeing 787 jets.

Boeing has been wrestling with 787 production difficulties, while both planemakers face a slump in demand for wide-bodied long-haul jets exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. In total, Airbus has won 94 orders so far this year, but it posted a negative total of 31 after adjusting for cancellations.

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