Agent Sasho pops out of brothel to spew fake news about Peevski

Iliyan Vassilev used to soak up elite KGB knowledge in manipulations

Iliyan Vassilev

Iliyan Vassilev, aka Agent Sasho of the State Security, has popped out of a brothel to fire a series of fake news shots against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. These days, the former associate of the obscurantist security agency of the communist regime has been acting like a Bangkok sexual worker – he is hovering around oligarchs and handing out business cards promoting his services. Of course, he is not doing that to get paid. And it does not matter if the money comes from Belgrade or Dubai.

Sasho recently spread the absurd fake news that, now that the heads of the General Directorate Combating Organised Crime (GDCOC) have been arrested, drug lords will answer to Peevski. He also peddled the talking point formulated by indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev that ties between the lawmaker and the Kremlin have been uncovered. 

Both assertions are blatant lies that can be concocted only by the twisted mind of a State Security agent. Back in the day, Iliyan Vassilev diligently wrote damning reports about his colleagues, friends and partners. Maybe even relatives. After all, there are such examples found in the Stasi archives.

However, Agent Sasho purposely did not mention the fact that a number of journalists from Telegraph Media publications have been honoured over the years with the award named after Irish crime reporter Veronica Guerin. The accolade, presented with the support of the Irish Embassy in Sofia, recognises achievements in investigating drug trafficking.

On 26 June 1996, United Nations International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Guerin stopped at a red traffic light in the suburbs of Dublin. Two black-clad men on a motorcycle stopped in the lane next to hers. In the next moment, one of them fired six shots at Guerin. She died on the spot. Guerin was the face of Irish journalistic investigations into drug trafficking, organised crime and corruption. She was killed at the orders of a local drug lord.  

Agent Sasho’s purposeful manipulation of facts should not surprise us. State Security, as totalitarian leader Todor Zhivkov once admitted himself, was a branch of the KGB. A record of this admission by Zhivkov is kept at the Secret Filed Committee. Manipulations and ruining people’s lives are part of the toolbox of the sinister Soviet security agency emulated by the Bulgarian State Security. It turns out that Iliyan Vassilev, aka Agent Sasho, used to soak up knowledge from the best in the field. Now he is torn between serving the financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev, who defrauded CorpBank depositors out of BGN 5.6bn, and gambling tzar Vasil Bozhkov. It would seem that the Bulgarian Madoff got low on money and that is why Agent Sasho moved on to Bozhkov, who defrauded the state coffers out of BGN 700m.

Agent Sasho talks half-heartedly about the Russian intelligence activities in Bulgaria. He uses diversion tactics to hide the Moscow mentors of the Bulgarian Madoff – KGB general Leonid Reshetnikov and the so-called Orthodox oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. The two have been banned from entering the country because of their involvement in Plan Bulgaria. Aimed at steering Bulgaria away from the EU and NATO and back into the Russian family fold, the plan was supposed to be financed with CorpBank assets worth BGN 1bn, which Tsvetan Vassilev tried to steal in the secondary plundering of the lender.

In the aftermath of the events of 10 November 1989, Agent Sasho turned right-winger and joined former PM Ivan Kostov. The commander of the country’s murky transition to democracy rewarded his service by appointing him ambassador to Russia, while Vladimir Putin gave his approval. What an impressive list of connections to the Kremlin!

Today, Agent Sasho does his work through the Fakti (Facts) website, which disseminates every single one of his Facebook posts. The news website is owned by Rezon OOD, as ascertained by the Commission for Protection of Competition in its analysis of the Bulgarian media industry. The company also publishes specialised outlets dedicated to accounting, law and taxes, it supports 12 websites in all. But here is an important detail. It also owns – a website where paid sexual services are offered. Just like Agent Sasho, who embraced the oligarchy – in a political sense, of course.

A more careful perusal of his personal background shows that Agent Sasho was among the most valuable secret associates of the First Main Directorate of State Security – the foreign policy intelligence of the totalitarian regime. He was protected by the Directorate’s top secret electronic system Vega, reveal documents declassified by the Secret Files Committee, a copy of which Telegraph Media obtained. He used to spy on the UK and collected valuable information about NATO, the US and the UK. Today, he is among the former agents who are mouthpieces for indicted and charged individuals like Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev, Tsvetan Vassilev and Vasil Bozhkov. They try to cover up their bosses’ schemes and thefts and constantly tell us how to live and what to believe. He is part of the apologists in the State Security apparatus that created the oligarchy and was subsequently taken under the oligarchy’s wing. The entire goal was for the former communist nomenclature to stay in power, albeit behind the scenes, so it can continue to syphon off the state, as it did during Kostov’s term in office. 

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