Agent Sasho plugs in and gives short-circuit about Delyan Peevski

Former ambassador and expert in energy field - this is how the top commentator of the behind-the-scenes clique Iliyan Vassilev is presented in one of the websites of the network, which is serving the oligarchs. In this helpful tribune, they surely missed to point out the name of the agent of the former State Security who is exhausted of spewing fake news items as a "commentator". Agent Sasho gives a short circuit in his next appearance.

"Peevski is preparing for coming to power, and for this purpose he does not need Boyko Borissov and Rumen Radev," agent Sasho from the former State Security said after his brain was fried due to plugging in. Given short circuits, Vassilev develops his theory to the end, inserting in it the Bobokovs, the dirty linen in public, a plan to come to power, riding roughshod, a Russian recipe and a Kremlin aid. And here is already the victory by touchdown. The former ambassador to Moscow, who disguised himself as a Russophobe, started, you know, to comment on Russian recipes and Kremlin aid. It would be great to hear his opinion about the Russian fellows of his benefactor Tsvetan Vassilev, namely Konstantin Malofeev and General Leonid Reshetnikov.

The next time he plugs in, he could energetically hit a dose of comments on this issue, because he is probably aware that namely the fugitive from justice above is wrapped in Russian ties. As the millionaire is so foolish that he trusts any oligarch intending to come to power, he has attached himself to Vassil Bozhkov, whose political project will take effect simply never. If Vassilev takes into his head that he will be a major player in the project of his new fellow, then he is even more elementary than we think. Apparently, this also applies to agent Sasho, who is squirming and squirming between two oligarchs, obviously not yet clarified to himself whom is better to bow.

Agent Sasho does not swear that he is going to defend Tsvetan Vassilev or Vassil Bozhkov. He is just doing it. Thus he plays a dirty trick on both of them, because the words of the informer mean nothing. If we are going to talk about dirty linen, there are no more disgusting stains than the former informers have. They are the State Security "junta" which poisoned the public before. They are the "junta" even now. However, their elementary tricks do not work.

Keep on talking, agent Sasho! Your dirty linen waves in the open with all the stains on it. It is your personal fault that you took it out. Stop smelling the space with your rotten morals. Just put your feet in a basin because you are obviously overheated. We sympathize with you, but we cannot help you because you need a specialized help. Otherwise, you know better, how much it costs to offer yourself to each oligarch. 

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