Agent Sasho: Ambassador of the behind-the-scenes clique recruited to slander Delyan Peevski

Always ready to serve people with shady interests, Ilian Vassilev ingratiated himself with the oligarch Vasil Bozhkov as well

Iliyan Vassilev

The man of the communist State Security, former diplomat and taskforce agent for all kinds of dirty commissions, Ilian Vassilev, aka agent Sasho or agent Dragan, has again released a “hot” statement into the public space.

In a blatantly infantile post he managed to mention all in one go the names of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, Vasil Bozhkov, Kiril Domuschiev, the new chair of the Electronic Media Council (CEM) Betina Zhoteva and, of course, lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski, to whom these days he dedicates 90% of his “creative writings” on Facebook. It doesn't become clear from his confused post what he wanted to say, but there is a man who will appreciate it - Ognyan Stefanov.
Every time when the muse of communist secret service informants comes to inspire agent Sasho or agent Dragan in his schizophrenically split state of mind, his Siamese twin, agent Academician, melts with joy because the swamp called Frognews exists with the sole purpose to pollute the public space. Thus, the two agents of the communist State Security, who represent its odiousness in full splendour, join forces to earn their crust. One writes stinking posts, the other rakes them in and dumps them out on his site.   
And they don't even bother to flush it down, thinking that their “fundamental accomplishment” will stop stinking. Or maybe they just got used to it and it doesn't make any impression on them. After all, both worked tirelessly and loyally for the former State Security, which lowered their personal hygiene standards to the level of the site where they both work together.

The hidden owner of this couple is one and the same man, and they don't even hide for whom their outpourings are meant. The man is fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev whom they decided to serve of their own free will and volition. On the same “ideological” basis which was taken into account when they were recruited as agents.

As Telegraph Media has already found out, a thorough examination of Sasho's personal file shows that he was one of the most valuable secret agents of the First Main Directorate of the State Security. The informer who for years has been catering for the interests of fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev now offers his services to another oligarch who is hiding from the Bulgarian justice - Vasil Bozhkov. Once agent Sasho was protected by the Directorates' top secret electronic system Vega, reveal documents declassified by the Commission for Dossiers, a copy of which Telegraph Media obtained. He used to spy on the UK and collected valuable information about NATO, the US and the UK. Today, this informant poses as a Russophobe and flaunts his pro-Western allegiance, but he doesn't bother to gather any valuable information. Because he knows that whatever he posts on the accommodating site run by agent Academician, it will be welcome by their common sponsor and employer.

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