Agent Academician, the fugitive banker, the Razgrad Dr. Mengele and their common enemy – Delyan Peevski

Despicable, cynical and arrogant. Even such strong words fail to describe the shamelessness of Ognyan Stefanov, former political officer of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and long-time informer of the communist State Security. As always, this disgraceful representative of Bulgarian journalism did not find the courage to sign his real name under the latest blasphemy he posted on the website Frognews.

It is easy to understand why he did not use his alias Agent Academician, his shameful emblem. Instead, the corpulent former agent chose to hide behind a figurative fig leaf using his pseudonym Dr. Dimitar Popkutuev. His morals are as lax as his flabby belly, the result of living the large life with money from fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. Ognyan Stefanov is a walking swamp, leaving muck in his wake.

And his biggest masterpiece to date is a libeling piece in which he mentions Dr. Mengele. It is a display of repulsive cynicism targeting the wrong person, given the fact that there is truly a modern-day disciple of Dr. Mengele in Bulgaria, but he can be found in the ranks serving Stefanov’s mentors. The example speaks for itself – the experiments conducted in the town of Merichleri by a Razgrad oligarch whom the former agent has been serving devoutly for some time.

Former agent of the obscurantist communist agency Secret Security, Ognyan Stefanov, who has been acting as spokesperson of Tsvetan Vassilev for years, is among the minions that the fugitive banker pays with stolen money to tirelessly clean up his image 24/7 and cover up the truth about the heist of the century he managed to pull off.

Stefanov used to be embedded in the People’s Youth communist publishing house, where he had the same task as today – to libel, falsely accuse and generally defame all sorts of people. Nowadays, his experience as a State Security informer is being used against a particular individual, the main enemy of Stefanov’s mentors – lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

Hardly a day goes by without the former agent producing some piece of slander. He is so predictable that you only have to follow the public steps of his sponsor and benefactor Tsvetan Vassilev to know when to expect Ognyan Stefanov to erupt again, taking the banker’s talking points and running away with them. The two must develop some kind of telepathy when they are under the influence at the same time because the fugitive banker’s latest lie about Delyan Peevski is expanded into an entire long-form piece by the next morning – verbose and repulsive, just like the thoughts swirling in the head of the former informer, who never really cast off the role of Agent Academician.

It is not worth disproving the myriad of lies produced by this duo of a thieving mobster and his lackey. Without any evidence or a modicum of shame, the two spew nonsense about loans that Delyan Peevski never actually took out and debts he has never owed to banks. And these are all things that are easy to check. What makes it worse is that these fabrications come from a fraudster who defrauded CorpBank depositors of billions so he can build his own empire and pay all sorts of minions, mostly former State Security agents, to polish his image. But he pays pittance relative to the kind of lies that these people invent. The fugitive banker should be thankful that there are so many spineless people prepared to do his dirty work, their low morals emanating from every piece of text they deliver.

Agent Academician, hiding behind the name Dr. Popkutuev, likes to demonstrate erudition. He is like those bimbos incessantly quoting Paulo Coelho. Just as shallow and vain, Agent Academician writes down quotes that catch his fancy and throws them in his concoctions to look smart. But his pompous words do little to conceal the pathetic former agent embedded in the People’s Youth publishing house as a mole.

For our younger readers, let us remind that Ognyan Stefanov used to hold an apartment for secret meetings of the Second Main Directorate (VGU) of the State Security (the regime’s counterintelligence). His work was connected with the so-called Legation Department. His apartment hosted secret meetings between agents embedded in the British embassy and their VGU commanding officers.

You can judge for yourself how much of a pro-western background Vassilev and Stefanov really have. Stefanov is a political officer of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, he is an alumnus of the Lviv Higher Military and Political School, which was under the umbrella of the General Staff of the Soviet Army and churned out GRU agents at the time. Today, this soldier of evil is proud owner of a website founded and sponsored with shady money. It employs a handful of illiterates who make even Agent Academician look like a genius.

There are all sorts of rumours swirling around the State Security operative, including that he tossed the journalists of the weekly Tornado on the street, pocketing their salaries. There is also talk that he and attorney Lazar Karadaliev, who is accused of money laundering, received over BGN 1.2m to get the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev out of prosecution trouble days before the collapse of CorpBank in 2014.

Those rumours are all true. Just as it is true that this despicable former agent will never be able to pay his debts to his sponsor and will forever remain at his service, writing articles full of intelligent thoughts, references and message that Agent Academician lacks the capacity to grasp. The informer inside him will always take control and give precedence to lies and libels. It is not true that a lie told a hundred times becomes the truth, as the political officer has been thought to believe. Here is another wise saying for the collection of Dr. Dimitar Popkutuev – faeces always go down the drain.

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