Agent Academician made splash in the bog: targets Peevski again

Founder of Frognews Ognyan Stefanov, aka Agent Academician, turned his back on the contributors to his site and decided to give his Friday master class to show them all how they should whip up pasquils.

Ognyan Stefanov, who has long said “good-bye” to fair journalism to be transformed into a publisher, a “businessman” and an honorable spokesperson for the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, has released his personal comment on the site from which in recent years he has formally distanced himself. The “free compositions” of the former journalist are purportedly inspired by a report of the US State Department but actually are not based on it. Stefanov has just used the document to push through the old talking points about the absolutely fictitious connections of the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski with the editions he had never had anything in common. This is the fact which can readily be checked out in the commercial registers. They clearly show what are the media published by Peevski.

What has caused the “splash in the bog” provoked by Stefanov does not transpire from the schizophrenic assumptions of the commentator splashed over his keyboard. The founder of the website, however, has personally contributed to the infamous cause “Not a day without a fake against Peevski” which his benefactor Tsvetan Vassilev nails down. 

The long-established practice of the State Security is to make up and embellish their works to render them volume and suitable form. In our case their pretenses are on the Academic level but the author either forgot what he wanted to say about the report or had not read it at all. He is acting like the granny in an old joke about Ivancho who comes out into the yard with a copy of New York Times in hand. She doesn’t speak English which prompts a conclusion that she heads for the outdoors toilet.  

If mediocrity had price, the bog of the Agent Academician would have been full of gold fish instead of ugly toads rejected by any normal media. As regards moral reflexing of the commentator that is just as well devalued. Same as the work of the journalists of Tornado newspaper to whom “publisher” is a synonym of “fraudster” or even something worse.

Actually, because of such “employers” journalism in Bulgaria has turned into something like “second- or third-category” labour. In fact, in this country there are corrupted editors and publishers who fulfill political orders to cast slur on their opponents and “agent academicians” do know who they are. If they were not so much busy with their dirty dealings they could have seen themselves in the mirror.

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