Agent Academician has Booth coming off the bench and talking against Peevski

After going through the entire available apparatus of former State Security agents, who are off on weekends and are not that active on Facebook, Agent Academician, who calls the shots at the news website Frognews, turned to Kevin Booth and brought him into the game off the bench. The Texas showman answered the call, but not before getting instructions on what to say, of course. Some time ago, Tsvetan Vassilev, the Bulgarian Madoff, inadvertently made it known that he was feeding the American links with instructions. That is what Agent Academician is doing now as well.

American producer Kevin Booth is an expert on drugs, and for over a year now he has been trying to make sense of the “shadows of Sofia” (as his documentary is called – editor’s note). Apparently, he is yet to figure out that he is serving a smear campaign. And if he is aware of who he actually works for, well, that is much worse. Because “the wonderful people in Bulgaria” know that Tsvetan Vassilev is just another criminal hiding abroad to avoid criminal prosecution. He was forced to flee after defrauding CorpBank depositors out of their savings and engineering the failure of the lender he had turned into a piggy bank for himself and the shadowy figures from the country’s past who encouraged his criminal activities and in return enjoyed preferential treatment at the bank he managed.

Several days ago, it emerged that Ognyan Stefanov, aka Agent Academician from the former State Security, had amicable conversations with another infamous Bulgarian mobster who stands to benefit from the spreading of rumours and lies about other people so that attention is drawn away from his criminal activities and the retribution society expects is push as far back in time as possible. For Agent Academician it is almost humiliating to communicate with individuals who have the looks of alcoholics – bags under their eyes, puffy face and bleary eyes. This time around, though, we are not referring to fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. It is even worse of a downfall, because even the former banker is no longer picking up the phone for Agent Academician, who speaks condescendingly and even mockingly of his boss in the bugged conversations recently declassified by the Prosecutor’s Office. Hence, Agent Academician goes through his contact list to see who will pick up the phone for him. And he finds success with the American, who is out of touch with the issues involving their common sponsor. Out of habit, Kevin Booth, who knows perfectly well why Frognews would be calling him, starts spewing nonsense against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. Because the fake script he tuned into a documentary needs fake characters.

To mark the one-year anniversary from the film’s release, a link to a free stream of the documentary will be provided “in the hope of letting the wonderful people in Bulgaria understand that the world has its eyes on them”, Booth said. But as we know, nothing is free when it comes to Tsvetan Vassilev and his clique. It is like thinking that dirty journalists like Sonya Kultuklieva and Lyuba Kulezich are waiting on Tsvetan Vassilev hand and foot without remuneration. In other words, the fact that Booth will not pay for the free link does not mean that someone else is not paying for him, as before.

Kevin Booth does not share details about the alleged “vicious attacks against him and his team”, maybe because there were no such attacks to begin with. But we can interpret as yet another revelation his mention of the fact that while he was being taken on a tour across the country and shown what to shoot, he ended up in Rosenets at one point. That only goes to show that the boat stunt performed by Hristo Ivanov and his heavyweight bodyguard Ivo Mirchev is no coincidence either, but was scripted a long time ago.

One experiences a sense of déjà vu seeing people controlled by the Bulgarian Madoff unwittingly exposing their own secrets. The shadows of Sofa are those thrown by oligarchs such as Tsvetan Vassilev, Vasil Bozhkov and Ivo Prokopiev. But Booth has no way of knowing this. The instructions received while dining in Belgrade are different. And yes, Serbian BBQ is delicious, unlike the unpalatable ruminations of a certain loser.

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