Agent Academician embellishes fakes about Peevski

Delyan Peevski

The manipulation factory only waits for a favourable occasion to drag the name of lawmaker and our publisher in a next in a row fake and so to meet their daily quota of anti-Peevski fake news production.

After on 26 February, the satellite media of the Capital circle used the information that Bulgartabac is to change its name, in order to again impute the non-existent ties with the tobacco holding to Peevski, Frognews, another cog in the lying machine, was set in operation, although a day later. This belated reaction may have resulted from a slip-up on the part of the people of Agent Academician, former State Security agent Ognyan Stefanov, as well as from an attempt to meet the daily quota for generating fake news against the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media. To catch up, Frognews decided to embellish their manipulative material and announced that Peevski conducted “revival process” in Bulgartabac. True to the style of the site’s owner, former State Security agent who for years on end has been playing the role of a press office for the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, they dragged in a conspiratorial theory that it all has been made because of a lawsuit in New York. Another favourite talking point of the Fake News Factory aimed against the lawmaker.      

We would like to remind that as of 2017, Vassilev and his mouthpieces of Frognews have not stopped to inflate the fake news balloon commenting the absurd claim filed by the fugitive banker under the Magnitski Act. After the balloon quite expectedly burst, they started inflating another one, this time it was about the claim under RICO act but its fate is also a-priori known. It is more than clear that the whole story has nothing to do with Bulgartabac, having in mind that Peevski has never had control over the tobacco holding despite the attempts by the Fake News Factory to impute it to him with no factual grounds. And since 2016, when he sold his 5% minority stake in Bulgartabac, Peevski has nothing in common with the holding.

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