Agent Academician commits himself to psych hospital, has visions of Peevski

Batman, Superman, Stalin, the Inquisition, Geshev and Tsatsarov crammed into a sloppy Frognews comic strip

Delyan Peevski

Catatonia – do you know what that is? It is a long explanation, but if you want the short version, simply go to the Frognews website and search the name Dr. Dimitar Popkutuev. It will become immediately clear to you just what type of crazy that is.

The situation is bad. So bad that Agent Academician is flirting with an involuntary commitment to the psychiatric ward. He will not have to say a word. The dilated pupils will give him up. And if he opens his mouth and starts babbling about Peevski, Magnitsky, Rico… on a loop, he might even earn himself a white shirt with particularly long sleeves. Of the kind that are tied in the back.

The affliction tormenting Agent Academician, one of the clones of journalist Ognyan Stefanov, is at an advanced stage. It manifests as a constant state of excitement and bipolarity of feelings – a deep hatred of lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski and at the same time complete silence (mutism) or reflexive praising when it comes to his benefactor Tsvetan Vassilev. Unfortunately, alcohol is no substitute for medication. This is why Popkutuev and Agent Academician would do well to make a schedule and stop working shifts on the days when Ognyan Stefanov is posing as a journalist – that is if they do not want to be seen as his creations.  

Wednesday, 20 November. We are waiting for Ognyan Stefanov to make a surprise inspection of his website Frognews. Worst case scenario, his State Security double, Agent Academician, may make an appearance in his stead. In the end, it is Dr. Dimitar Popkutuev who pops up, indistinguishable from the other too. It is a layered image when the air is heavy with alcohol fumes. This time, Ognyan Stefanov’s doctor ditches the biblical stories for comic strips. Aside from Peevski, a nightmare he shares with hos sponsor, he is having visions of Batman and Superman. Also Geshev and Tsatsarov. Stefanov’s inimitable style, however, is instantly recognisable. It boils down to this incessant and incoherent babbling, with some key words standing out. In this cacophony, one can clearly hear the distant voice of the sponsor Tsvetan Vassilev, who has taken advantage of his personal PR expert by indoctrinating him with the idea that the Magnitsky and Rico bubbles were actually real, as if the poor man was not crazy enough already. It is a strong insinuation but far from true.

The contrived case filed by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev against lawmaker and owner of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski under the Global Magnitsky Act has not been considered by the American authorities. Any assertions to the contrary, spread mostly by the Vassilev-funded website Frognews, are a fabrication designed to defame Peevski, the number one enemy of Vassilev and his oligarchic cronies. This was made clear back in June in a statement by Thomas Locke, former senior FBI official, currently managing director of the Washington-based BGR Public Affairs. The statement was released in response to the latest article ran by the website of Agent Academician about Vassilev’s absurd accusations against Peevski. The sullying piece of writing, intended to maintain the rapidly deflating bubble that is the fugitive banker’s claim under the Magnitsky Act, has become a collective obsession. So much so that Tsvetan Vassilev and his puppet journalist Ognyan Stefanov are posturing and accusing the US of lying to them. What is new?! Vassilev is known to have serious Russian ties – with oligarch Konstantin Malofeev and the local conduits of foreign influence trying to engineer a geopolitical shift in Bulgaria’s course. The failed ambitions of the financial fraudster and his Russian partners and mentors have dangerous implications, which make the comic strip look like harmless madness.

“We were waiting for Batman and Superman – and we got Geshev, Tsatsarov and Peevski,” Dr. Popkutuev tackles the weekly task given to him by his benefactor. Then the piece descends into madness, melding all of Popkutuev’s fabrications.

The publicly revealed motives of Stefanov to take on the mask of Boris “Someone” one day and of Dr. Dimitar Popkutuev the other are one thing, but the real ones are a completely different thing and what is more important in this case. They are related to his expectation that Tsvetan Vassilev will be generous to those who serve him and crush those who oppose or inconvenience him. This has been the fugitive banker’s MO so far and that is obvious. Every single critic of the fraudster has been targeted by Frognews, alternatively – none of the fugitive banker’s supporters have seen their name sullied there. Some like Ognyan Stefanov’s “brother in arms” Iliyan Vassilev, better known with his State Security aliases Sasho and Dragan, have been checked and cleared to continue their work.

The position of top banker during Tsvetan Vassilev’s tenure as a financial fraudster accumulated so much power that it became the most important in Ognyan Stefanov’s world. Viewed through the prism of the ancient Greek’s understanding of unlimited power, this makes him a tyrant. Agent Academician obviously opened one of those thick books and read about the hubris syndrome.

Catatonia is somewhere in his file. He just has not gotten there yet. He should make a stop at a psychiatric clinic instead of his visits to the local pubs. Psychiatrists are surely studying his epic piece about Batman, Superman, Stalin and the Inquisition, which also includes many real-life figures. Unlike him, they stand before the public with their real names and actions, not some schizophrenic personalities.

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