Agent Academician and Stoyana Georgieva’s plan of attack against Peevski misfires

Delyan Peevski

Two weapons of the behind-the-scenes clique, Stoyana Georgieva (a mouthpiece on call for former PM Ivan Kostov and a like-minded ally of the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev) and Ognyan Stefanov (a former State Security agent under the alias Academician and a journalist operating in the shadow of fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev) are trying to create a new mathematical model.

From the safety of their personal computers, the two are exchanging thoughts on the internet and calculating non-existent “exposure” of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) to lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. Stoyana Georgieva and Agent Academician clearly are not in the habit of checking facts because their fabrications feature all sorts of contradictory numbers.

This is where oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, who these days is squirming in the dark, comes into the picture. He is preoccupied with protecting his distrained shares, yacht and bank accounts and his pals from the website Mediapool are trying to lend a helping hand to him.

Prokopiev’s agenda is in no way affected by the situation in the country. The declared state of emergency does not concern him and caring for people’s lives is so far down his list of priorities that he does not even conceive of the idea of donating to relief efforts in the fight to contain the coronavirus. No, he has chosen a very different and yet typical for him approach – handing out talking points to freelancers like Nikolay Staykov, a former employee, and putting to work various mouthpieces in the mainstream media in a bid to discredit donations made across the country, especially those made by Delyan Peevski.

The same ulterior motives are behind the actions of the duo formed by Stoyana Georgieva and Agent Academician. First at the starting blocks was Georgieva’s Mediapool, which embellished a Capital article that interspersed shots at Stoyan Mavrodiev and the BDB with tranches to “companies of Peevski”, without giving any numbers. And without naming the companies in question – probably because it would be embarrassing to list random businesses that have owners easily identifiable as people not named Peevski.

The Mediapool version of the story, published just several hours later and citing the article in Capital, a media outlet owned by Prokopiev, stated that these were companies of one, two or three businessmen in the country, which received a total of BGN 150m. Several days later, however, Stoyana Georgieva and her broken calculator were claiming a different sum, probably hatched in her own mind – BGN 250m just for Peevski. Agent Academician, who creates content for his own website, Frognews, under the pseudonym Dr. Dimitar Popkutuev, clearly liked the number and started parroting this BGN 250m “exposure” of the bank to Peevski. The show became even more comical when it was joined by Daniel Bozhilov, who poses as a “legal expert” when in reality he is nothing but a pet of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and an active mouthpiece for the latter on social media. The “legal expert” in question “reported” that the BDB extended a BGN 25m loan to Peevski.

After such a pathetic production, it would be nice if those “fledgling mathematicians” in service of the behind-the-scenes clique had a meeting, maybe online, to get on the same page when it comes to their numbers. Otherwise, it becomes pretty obvious that they are botching their talking points.

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