Against their enemies headed by Delyan Peevski: Prokopiev's mainstream lies, El Chapo supports lies

Our country is shaken by unprecedented scandals of corruption and lobbying with presidential counsellors and indicted businessmen in the main role. Arrests follow one after another, but priorities for the oligarchs and their mainstream media machine are expectedly different. To distract attention.

Expectedly, as the lizard of behind-the-scenes clique and its tail of media outlets are directly affected by what is happening, because the parallel state comes to light. The same state which is built by the same oligarchs on the back (and behind) of our society in order to plunder it for years. Three persons were arrested on 9 July - President Rumen Radev's defense secretary - Iliya Milushev, legal issues secretary Plamen Uzunov and the businessman Plamen Bobokov. Then the oligarchs along with their media outlets settled down to work and began to flood the society with talking points aiming a single thing – blearing its eyes. In a desperate attempt to cover up the truth about what was happening. The truth is that our state has finally started to regain its territories stolen from behind-the-scenes clique.

Against this background, expectedly again, the first signal for making smoke-screens was given by none other but the gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov, also known as the Bulgarian El Chapo, who damaged the state treasury to the tune of BGN 700m and fled abroad. Let us see why? We will just remind that he was brought to justice facing 18 charges, including ordered killings. Thus this "honest" businessman of Sicilian-type, the other one in a line of behind-the-scenes bosses and oligarchs, trying their best in pretending to be victims of state arbitrariness immediately after the state finally demanded an account for their crimes, warmed up at dawn the mainstream media machine of his fellows and oligarchs-publishers led by the accused boss Ivo Prokopiev. By posting a new smoke-screen on Facebook, warming up old talking points. Such points, not only launched already by the bolts and nuts in manipulations’ machine of behind-the-scenes clique, but also refuted already by facts.

However, the human impudence is unlimited and El Chapo launched, accordingly the talking points in a "recycling" mode, in order to attack his enemies - both his own enemies and those of his fellows from the united oligarchic front.

You can guess yourself who is on the list - all those people, who prevent behind -the-scenes clique from making its shady deals and continue plundering our society. Thus, apart from the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General, the smoke screens released by Bozhkov is also intended against MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. In his desperate action to deceive the enemy, which means the society, however, El Chapo made a serious blunder, illuminating himself his own ties to the supposedly independent Anti-Corruption Fund, composed entirely of staff, which is serving behind-the-scenes circles. In his Facebook post, he urges the Minister of Justice to analyze the allegations made by the escaped elevator king Iliya Zlatanov, said in front of the NGO camera in question, that Peevski wanted to take his business in order "to participate in the replacement of old elevators in the country because around EUR 4bn are expected by the EU for this purpose. " These allegations do not meet any criteria for truth and they are not supported by any facts, but something more - just a day before they were refuted as a lie.

What does Bozhkov keep silent about in his post? Firstly - that Zlatanov himself retells somebody’s else words in front of the camera, without giving any facts to support them. That is not all - in the whole elevator industry they have no idea of ​​any billions expected by the EU. As for the credibility of Zlatanov's allegations, the facts are as follows: during a prosecutor's action in the home of the fugitive elevator king in Amsterdam, the gold coins were found which he claimed were stolen from the state prosecution. Enough for the lies launched by the Anti-Corruption Fund, whose investigations are being made by Prokopiev's former cadre and condom and sex toys seller Nikolay Staykov. As well as for the slanders pushed by Facebook and as talking points via emails by his mentors oligarchs (See here).

However, as we well know, facts and truth are far from the priorities of the behind-the-scenes mainstream media machine. As expected again, the Frognews website, which functions as a press center of another fugitive oligarch - Tsvetan Vassilev, published Bozhkov's post absolutely uncritically. And something more - word by word. To avoid mistakes. And while the website of Vassilev-funded agent Academic reprinted the talking points launched by El Chapo, another site, Mediapool - directly related to Prokopiev, of Kostov's ever spokeswoman Stoyana Georgieva, released another batch. Apparently ordered by the indicted oligarch himself. According to the manipulation launched by Mediapool, the arrests and searches at Dondukov 2 (the President’s administration address) were due to…. the statement of the head of  state about the former Minister of Justice and current strawmen puppet leader at the head of the oligarchic formation - Yes, Bulgaria, which is directly connected with Prokopiev, namely Hristo Ivanov.

You cannot find a connection between these two things? Don't worry, it's not your fault. There is no connection, especially since the arrests and searches are resulting of investigations that have lasted for months. However, this does not prevent the sick imagination of Mediapool (or most likely the man who dropped the talking points, in the face of Prokopiev) to try to suggest that these arrests were due to the inclusion of the President Rumen Radev in the behind-the-scenes choir and the demand for MP Delyan Peevski’security servise to be removed by the National Service for Protection (?!). This is a request which, if there were no grounds for security, could have been complied with Rumen Radev himself, given the fact that the service is under his direct control and the head of the state guards is the person who decides whether there are threats justifying security by NSO to be there or not, to a public figure. But these details the president prefers to keep quiet about, like similar others.

For example - why Ivanov decided to take on board the private property in question, and not, for example, the villa of his mentor Ivo Prokopiev in Sozopol, which blocked the access to one of the most beautiful beaches absolutely illegally.

And if he can not do it against the kaolin king, he could easily attack the neighboring villa, also blocking the access to a public beach, which belongs to the Capital outlet’s cadre Yovo Nikolov. But Radev's real goal was not to seek the truth and the unification of the nation against lawlessness, but another one - to serve Prokopiev and his entourage for their common communist roots and patrons. And to revive the party of Prokopiev&Co. - Yes, Bulgaria, which is forgotten by the voters themselves.

And if you think that madness ends here, then you are deeply mistaken. Because with its material Mediapool launches another favorite talking point of the clique, having nothing to do with the reality - for imaginary ties between Peevski and the judiciary, refuted over the years by all the facts. Starting with the decision of a prosecutor from the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office to close the the country's largest newspaper - Telegraph, part of the Telegraph Media publishing group, owned by Delyan Peevski. And finishing with the scandalous decision of the special court to declare not guilty the Mediapool mentor – Ivo Prokopiev, the former ministers “assigned” by him in Borisov's first cabinet - Simeon Djankov and Traycho Traykov and three more persons from his company Bulbrokers in the EVN affair, which damaged the treasury with over BGN 20m. All these facts show that it is not Peevski, but Prokopiev and his fellow oligarchs who hold key units in the judicial system in our country. Not Peevski but they have a judge №1, through whom they corrupt all possible cogs of juditiary, arranging interpretative decisions to save them from confiscation of illegally acquired property (gained from the money taken out of our pockets), as well as and acquittals. For themselves and for the pawns serving their interests. Because it was Prokopiev's NGO network and the judges directly connected with it, Lozan Panov and Kalin Kalpachkiev, who arranged for the early release from prison of the murderer of the Bulgarian student Andrey Monov - Jock Polfreimann. And this madness will continue until our state really plays its role and stops the lawlessness and arbitrariness of the behind-the- scenes clique in our country.

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