After Raychev failed Evgenii Dainov was taken out of mothballs

Right-wing shaman elaborated the talking points of the mainstream and sided with the Bulgarian Madoff

Evgenii Dainov

After this week the oligarchic clique of indicted Ivo Prokopiev let out red shaman Andrey Raychev and tasked him to stand up for Prokopiev’s money, another prominent representative of the world of great spirits, Raychev’s fellow shaman from the other end of the political spectre, Evgenii Dainov was taken out of mothballs.

He is introduced to us as a political analyst and a bard with a guitar in whose head revolutionary storms are raging. Actually genetically both are flesh red while their political colouring is something like mimicry – both are of the communist nomenclatura ancestry and once were under the wing of the most eminent communist party lords. Raychev was put on stream to exert pressure on the cabinet and make it ease the state of emergency, to hit head of the Crisis Response Centre Gen. Mutafchiyski and to explain how important the economy is in comparison with human lives, according to Prokopiev’s thesis.

By all appearances, Raychev haven’t done his job well. That is why Dainov was set in operation. In his eclectic essay titled “Coronavirus: what is happening while Bulgaria is under state of emergency” circulated by the Bulgarian desk of Deutsche Welle, the foreign mainstream of Prokopiev, Dainov diligently sticks to the talking points. Such as, for example, ugly but true: “the Bulgarians’ health was hardly the motive for the extension of the state of emergency introduced because of coronavirus.”          


After explaining to the readers what is oligarchy according to Aristotle, the right-wing shaman finally spits it out and says that to be on the safe side he “strikes Prokopiev whose independent media are famous for seeing what the powers that be are appropriating and how. The aim is to silence not only his publications.”    

However, Dainov doesn’t stop at that and servantly takes sides with the Bulgarian Madoff, Tsvetan Vassilev. He explains to us that “efforts have been resumed to confiscate the business of Emiliyan Gebrev in order to give it to someone else” and wisely concludes that technological time is needed to appropriate it all that is why the state of emergency was extended by another 42 days.  Apparently Dainov means the Dunarit defence stolen right under the state’s nose. No doubt that the plant is not property of Gebrev but the arms dealer has been controlling it absolutely unlawfully for two years now using its resources and now-how to his own and the Bulgarian Madoff’s benefit. It seems that Dainov forgot that namely Tsvetan Vassilev tried to sell Dunarit to his Russian patrons in the person of Orthodox oligarch Konstantin Malofeev along with other golden assets of CorpBank for a modest price of €1. Then a “buyer”, a Belgian national with Russian passport, Pierre Louvrier, appeared on the scene.

However, the right-wing political analyst fears mentioning Russian ties as the devil fears the holy water. The truth is that once Kostov sent him to Moscow to establish political contacts and he has obviosly earned the trust of both the Commander and Russia. During the hot August of 1996 Kostov signed the authorisation by force of which the Union of Democratic Forces vested Dainov with power to establish political contacts with Moscow. And hold consultations concerning the visit of then chairman of the United Democratic Forces Petar Stoyanov and chairman of the Union of Democratic Forces Ivan Kostov to the Russian capital. The document is kept in the archives of the Union of Democratic Forces and Telegraph Media have a copy of it. Dainov, as well as his mentor Ivan Kostov, the Commander of the murky transition to democracy, have a phenomenal instinct which makes them hide the unseemly facts in their biographies and often lose their memory all of a sudden. On 1 March 1982, Dainov was enrolled as a Ph.D. fellow in the Institute of History of the Bulgarian Communist Party following a special decision of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party. This fact is not omitted in his official CV of the associate professor at the New Bulgarian University. Dainov, who now demonises Gen. Mutafchiyski, was born and raised in a family of red nomenclatura, he studied in Great Britain and his father was a correspondent of the party’s official newspaper Rabotnishesko Delo. His fundamental thesis work titled “French Communist party and the problem of political alliances (1972-1981)” was marked “For Official Use Only”. He describes himself as far-left Trotskyist. He was sent to Oxford on a stipend provided by Lyudmila Zhivkova Foundation sponsored by friend of Andrey Lukanov, Robert Maxwell. 

Dainov won Kostov’s heart with a letter in which he describes his work in the Confederation of the Independent Syndicates in Bulgaria (for which his mentor also worked) which ends with the following phrase: “Once, everything I know and can do was given for the cause free of charge and was used with rather low efficiency coefficient. Today, what I know and can do costs money.” He hits the bull’s eye -  in fact Kostov himself said something similar speaking with leader of the Union of Democratic Forces Zhelyu Zhelev when he wanted to sell for money to the Union the database with information about the Bulgarian economy and financial sphere which he gathered while being a laboratory assistant of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

The only hardcore reds that remained are Anrey Raychev and his partner Kancho Stoychev from Gallup International agency, which has nothing in common with the authentic Gallup. The so-called Kantchovtsi, which became a household name, took the liberty of manipulating the public opinion with their polls about the Euro elections in May 2019 because GERB won by a wide margin of  7%. This caused a huge scandal among the sociological guild and again provoked a question whether the false prognoses are made for free.

The links of the Kantchovtsi with the financial pyramid CorpBank are obvious. Not only is it running as a common thread through the Scientific and Technical Support firm – an association dealing with high technologies in the sphere of stem cell research employing the associates of the Bulgarian Madoff, but also through the tranches which the latter provided to them in cash.

It becomes clear from the witness testimony on the mega case that Stoychev and Raychev received €500,000 each in cash without signing any check under personal orders of Tsvetan Vassilev. Soychev even wanted to have a safety deposit box in CorpBank to keep the money safe. Raychev loves to say that the transition is over. Yes, the transition is over for political analysts and sociologists on call as well as for the oligarchs to whom under Kostov’s rule were served on a silver platter banks, key enterprises in pharmaceutical and mining industries and natural monopolies, such as Kaolin and natural gas tap. Sacho Donchev, Ivo Prokopiev and Ognyan Donev got the best pieces of the privatisation pie. Of course, it happened with the blessing of their godfather, Ivan Kostov. But have you seen the Kantchovtsi or Evgenii Dainov ever writing a single line about it?  

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