After more than a year, forecourt of Notre-Dame de Paris reopens

The whole construction works concerning the cathedral should conclude by 2024

Photo: Twitter The forecourt square of the iconic Paris Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris is now open for the public.

Sunday afternoon, the forecourt square of the iconic Paris Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris has been reopened to the public and the barriers removed for the first time since the ravaging fire on the night of 15April last year. It was authorised by order of the Police Prefect following the favorable notice from the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency.

The City of Paris, the Diocese of Paris and the Public Establishment responsible for the conservation and restoration of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame announced the news in a press release on the same day. It also says that the cleaning operations coordinated with the Prefecture of police services and the Prefecture of region, carried out on several occasions made it possible to abruptly reduce the concentrations of lead.

According to the Regional Health Agency, as of May 7, 28 samples taken on the spot by two different laboratories gave lead concentrations below 1,000 µg / m2, while the alert threshold is 5,000. May 15, 40 other levies all yielded rates below 3,000.

Renovation actions to make secure the site were suspended in mid-March due to Covid-19 outbreak. They will gradually resume with the aim to finally conclude by 2024.

Reopening the Parvis of Notre-Dame is one more sign that Paris is coming slowly back to normal. In a tweet earlier on Sunday, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris recalled that cafés, bars and restaurants reopen their terraces on Tuesday in the French capital, adding that to help they will be allowed to occupy sidewalks, streets and parking spaces free of charge, while respecting health and everyone's instructions.

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