Aegean quake death toll rises to 27

Photo: AP

Rescue workers in western Turkish city of Izmir searched through rubble for survivors on Saturday after a powerful earthquake hit the Aegean Sea on Friday, as the death toll rose to 27, Reuters reported.

Officials said 25 people were killed in coastal areas in Turkey’s west, while two teenagers - a boy and a girl - died on the Greek island of Samos after a wall collapsed on them. At least 20 buildings in Izmir were destroyed, authorities said, and the rescue work was taking place as hundreds of aftershocks hit the area.

Television images and videos showed delicate work to rescue people from under the rubble. In central Izmir, rescuers were seeking to save a mother and her four children from the remains of a building.

Search and rescue operations were complete in eight buildings, while operations continued in nine locations, officials said.

At least 804 people were injured in Turkey, the country’s disaster agency said. The area had been hit by some 470 aftershocks it said.

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