ACCIAF incriminates Boets in lying about filings

The Commission’s records office has not received the dozens of corruption reports that the Bulgarian Madoff’s minion is bragging about

Lozan Panov (L) and Georgi Georgiev

The Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Asset Forfeiture (ACCIAF) has responded to the PR campaign organised by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s NGO Boets, headed by his minion Georgi Georgiev. According to the records office of the Commission, the civic movement is not telling the truth about filing dozens of reports of corruption. As it turns out, the ACCIAF received only two such filings, with Boets eventually disavowing one of them. Here is the ACCIAF statement in full:

A group of citizens led by Georgi Georgiev, leader of the Boets civic movement, blocked the staff entrance to the ACCIAF building in Sofia for about an hour. In relation to that incident and the protesters’ demands for access to the building and ACCIAF officials resignations based on claims that dozens of corruption signals they filed were left without response, the Commission is taking the following stance: Blocking the building entrance was in violation of the Gatherings, Rallies and Demonstrations Act in the manner that such actions were so far taken against the Ministry of Justice and the Central Electoral Commission as well. The ACCIAF management respects the right to peaceful protest of every Bulgarian citizen, including when said action is aimed at the activities of the Commission itself, but it cannot accept ultimatums involving demands for protesters to be allowed into the building as a condition for them, in turn, letting ACCIAF personnel get to their workplace. The protest actions disrupted the normal operation of another institution that uses that blocked entrance as an access point – the National Bureau of Special Intelligence Means Oversight, which is housed in the same building. An immediate search in the Anti-Corruption Department database revealed that since the beginning of the year two corruption reports were filed by the Boets civic movement regarding individuals occupying high-ranking positions in public office. There is an ongoing investigation into one of those, while the probe into the other one has been suspended, as the presumed author of the report (Boets) subsequently denied having filed the report. The rules for access to the building and the illegal blockade of the entrance are not the only reasons why the ACCIAF chairperson rejected Mr Georgi Georgiev’s request for a meeting. The main reason why any dialogue with this citizen in particular is unacceptable is made evident by the photos below, which are public domain on the internet. The ACCIAF would like to express its gratitude to the law enforcement officers who prevented any disturbing of peace outside the building. The work of the Commission’s cleaning personnel should also be recognised, as they had the responsibility of cleaning up the building’s façade of all the food products that had been thrown at it during the protest.

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