ACCIAF goes after Prokopiev family because of nearly BGN 500,000 in illegally acquired assets

Ivo Prokopiev

The Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF) has decided to file an illegal assets forfeiture claim with the Sofia City Court (SCC) against Ivo Prokopiev and Galya Prokopieva to the tune of BGN 451,476.59. The claim concerns potential forfeiture of cash and shares, including such acquired in the US, Germany, Japan and Luxembourg, the ACCIAF announced.

Under the same case, the SCC upheld on 17 February of this year an ACCIAF request for a measure to secure a future claim against the same two individuals, which was based on significant discrepancy between their property and income for the period from 15 August, 2008 until 15 August 2018. This ruling of the SCC led to the placing of shares, bank accounts and a Merry Fisher 795 Marlin motorboat under distraint.   

There is another ongoing legal procedure against the individuals in question. In 2018 the ACCIAF filed an illegal assets forfeiture claim with the Burgas Regional Court to the tune of BGN 198,927,389.22, which set in motion a civil lawsuit. The security measures imposed as part of that case involve property and shares being distrained. In March of this year additional security measures were imposed as part of that case – real estate in Sofia and Balchik owned by companies controlled by Alfa Finance Holding AD was placed under distraint. The ACCIAF requested these additional distraints due to immediate danger of a disposition of property.

No claims or actions concerning the publishing business of Ivo Prokopiev and Galya Prokopieva or property owned by Economedia have been taken in either of the legal procedures against the couple. 

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