A weak(minded) troll’s fat lies about Peevski

In the close circle of Hristo Ivanov, a troll with corpulent physique and fat lies is poisoning the public consciousness with ceaseless falsehoods. In the last couple of weeks, the Yes, Bulgaria troll Ivo Mirchev, who presents himself as an IT expert, is diligently working to fulfil his quota. When he is not looking out for his boss Hristo Ivanov, his main job is to churn out lies about lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

Ivo Mirchev’s latest attempt at a provocation is a poorly patched-up insinuation relating to a Legal World article that was later parroted by other media outlets as well. The controversy in this case is that hidden among the patches of the loyal troll’s atrocious handiwork lies the thesis about an alleged media empire controlled by Peevski. And yet the Capital circle, onto which said troll has latched like a tick, is the one that has all the characteristics of a media empire.   

The attempts of the Capital circle to arrogantly distort facts and invent circumstances in the hope of winning political and economic points for their mentors Ivo Prokopiev and former PM Ivan Kostov go back years.

The oligarchic publisher Prokopiev officially owns Capital, a weekly with faded glory, and Dnevnik, which was a daily newspaper before it went bankrupt and had to be transformed into a website. But Prokopiev is pulling the strings of about a dozen more websites, including the Bulgarian desk of Radio Free Europe, which is at least nominally headed by former Capital employee Ivan Bedrov; Mediapool of Stoyana Georgieva; Club Z of oligarch Ognyan Donev; About the Truth; Toest; Liberta and so on and so forth. Add to that Prokopiev’s control over the mainstream media in unison with his ARGO-gate boasts. Let us remind the story.

On the eve of Easter in 2017 several shorthand records were leaked, revealing that Prokopiev holds the reins of the big TV networks in the country. At the aforementioned infamous 2016 meeting known as ARGO-gate, Ivo Prokopiev, Hristo Ivanov, Radan Kanev, Svetoslav Malinov, Ivan Bedrov, Konstantin Pavlov-Komitata, Antoaneta Tsoneva, Traycho Traykov, Grozdan Karadzhov and about 20 of their associates discussed their so-called mainstream. Among the items on the agenda was the establishment of the Yes, Bulgaria political party led by Hristo Ivanov, the presidential candidate of the Reformist Bloc and the perks that the participants in this secret fellowship would get if that nominee were to be successful. The shorthand records are based on notes taken by two representatives of Protest Network, who, similarly to the troll Mirchev now, put together the text and sent it to the rest of the ARGO circle via a private Facebook group of the same name.     

The reasoning behind putting the minutes of these conversations together was that Ivo Prokopiev, Traycho Traykov and Radan Kanev reckoned their thoughts should reach the politicians, journalists, NGO heads and public pressure group leaders affiliated with them.

Even in the presence of this shameful fact, the NGOs and organisations serving the oligarch have continued to shamelessly spread the lies of some imaginary media monopoly held by Peevski, to push their laughable press freedom rankings, and generally attribute the problems of Bulgarian journalism to the wrong person. It has been public secret for years that Prokopiev’s obsessive ambition to gain control of the country’s entire media market so he can promote his interests through them hit a serious snag. He cannot handle the truth – that his entire giant media empire made up of lying grant-funded websites and bloggers cannot hold a candle to Telegraph Media. To the attention of the Capital circle’s tireless trolls – Telegraph Media consists of the newspapers Telegraph, Monitor, Politika, Meridian Match and the English-language Europost as well as the Monitor News Agency. The liars cannot make the figures work to fit their narrative. But we can list all the publications that gravitate towards the oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev. Now there is a solid case for a monopoly!

It is outrageous that in his Saturday serving of fat lies, Ivo Mirchev did not mention a word about the Specialised Prosecutor’s Office’s operation, which found printed articles with identical content (about inspections of gambling companies ordered by the finance minister) in one of the searched Sofia spots. The articles were from six news websites – Dnevnik, Frognews, Glasovete (The Voices), Topnovini, Press TV and Liberta. Does that not fit the mode of operation of Prokopiev’s propaganda machine – it runs a talking point that is then replicated across the entire media empire of the Capital circle. You are right, Mirchev, that is what we call a true pooling of interests and resources!

The scandalous part is that the troll’s lies were immediately picked up by the website Frognews, which is controlled by Ognyan Stefanov, aka Agent Academician, who has cozied up to the mainstream media machine of the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, while his fellow former agents of the totalitarian regime’s State Security are enthusiastically inventing fake news to win points in the eyes of the fugitives Tsvetan Vassilev and Vasil Bozhkov and, of course, to make some money.

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