{img} {img} Keep your power and vigour in future
Boyko Borissov,
Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria
Dear Ms. Krasteva,
Please accept my sincere congratulations on the opening of your Brussels representative and correspondent bureau and the launch of EUROPOST Weekly.
I wish you and all your colleagues good health and luck, as well as great professional success.
Let your entire team keep its journalistic zeal to push forward with creative audacity and relentless ardour in their pursuit of truth to the advantage of the human person and civil society.
In recent years, the publications issued by your team have become a powerful proponent for justice and freedom of speech, as well as a faithful and anticipated companion for people nationwide.
I wish you to keep your power and vigour in future, to face all your professional challenges bravely and responsibly and surmount any hurdles on your way forward.
Best wishes for success and good luck!
{img} {img} Bring the spirit of Bulgaria
Metropolitan Simeon
To Mrs. Irena Krasteva, with my blessing and best wishes for the new edition of New Bulgarian Media Group Holding - EUROPOST.
Let EUROPOST always bring to united Europe the spirit of Bulgaria and the light of its historical and cultural heritage!
{img} Build a new communication bridge
Kristalina Georgieva
European Commissioner for International Cooperation,
Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response
Thank you very much for the invitation to participate in the opening of the Representative Office and Correspondent Bureau in Brussels of New Bulgarian Media Group Holding. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to prior commitments related to my key policy priority - the adoption of the Commission's communication on Disaster Response Capacity.  I have asked my spokesperson, Ferran Tarradellas and my press officer, Irina Novakova, to attend the reception on my behalf.
I take the opportunity to congratulate you with the launch of your new weekly EUROPOST. I wish the new publication all the success.  I have no doubt it will build a new communication bridge for the rest of Europe to learn more about Bulgaria and for Bulgarians to make the best out of their place in our common European family. As the Bulgarian Member of the European Commission I look forward to working with your new publication and with the correspondents of your media group.
{img} Unprejudiced to the challenges
Zinaida Zlatanova, Head of Representation, Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria
On the eve of the 5th anniversary of Bulgaria's accession to the European Union it is my pleasure to congratulate the team of Europost weekly with the ambitious undertaking to present Bulgaria's potential as an EU Member State to a wide audience home and abroad.
The exchange of information and ideas is one of the tangible manifestations of our European unity and a token of freedom in this community of shared values and no borders that is European Union.
I wish to the team of Europost to stay susceptible to the opportunities, unprejudiced to the challenges and to succeed in establishing this new media in line with the merited symbols of professional journalism in EU.
{img} Every success on this road
Violeta Stanicic,
Head of the EP Information Office for Bulgaria
It is my pleasure to congratulate you and your team for starting Europost, a new Bulgarian weekly publication in English dedicated to European issues.
Providing investors and the broader public with accurate and reliable news and analyses of European Union themes, as well as of developments in Bulgaria linked to them, is an important way to bring the European institutions closer to the citizens. This is a goal which we in the European Parliament Office in Sofia fully share and support.
Let me wish to the Europost team every success on this road and assure you that you will find in us a partner, especially for coverage of European Parliament topics.

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