Police Academy becomes Frog-academy

The behind-the-scenes mouthpiece formulates talking points at the orders of Tsvetan Vassilev

Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Stefanov, Nedelcho Stoychev and Valentin Tsonovski (L-R).

The Ministry of Interior's Academy has turned into Frog-academy, bombarding the Ministry of Interior with fake news on a daily basis via the Frognews website. The internet page is owned by former agent of the State Security Ognyan Stefanov, who went by the alias agent Academician.

The Ministry of Interior's Academy has turned into Frog-academy, bombarding the Ministry of Interior with fake news on a daily basis via the Frognews website. The internet page is owned by former agent of the State Security Ognyan Stefanov, who went by the alias agent Academician.
The behind-the-scenes clique's hub for smear articles against the Ministry of Interior and the Bulgarian justice system is ran by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev's lackeys - Associate Professor Nedelcho Stoychev, rector of the Academy, and his subordinate Valentin Tsonovski, former head of the Terror Department with the General Directorate Combating Organised Crime and currently a part-time lecturer in the Academy. The goal of the smear campaign is to destabilise the interior ministry so as to draw attention away from the Bulgarian Madoff, who embezzled BGN 4.7bn from CorpBank and then fled to Serbia, where he is still hiding. The gang is constantly trying to stir discord and tension among the public body's employees and create a sense of uncertainty and fear among the people there, who are practically forced to try and do their job despite the moles working for the Bulgarian Madoff.
Long-tenured police officers remind that the connection between Stoychev and Tsonovski was created back when Yordan Bakalov served as interior minister and his first order of business was to appoint the two as his advisors. Even though their position did not entail such powers, they did not hesitate to make big personnel decisions in the ministry and hire their own people at key spots, said police officers sharing the disturbing memories. In return, the new appointees had to report every single step that police officers working on various big cases did back to the Stoychev-Tsonovski duo, from where the information went to Tsvetan Vassilev in Serbia. After Tsonovski was ousted from the law enforcement due to suspicions that he was a double agent, rector Stoychev immediately took him in as a lecturer in the Academy. The group of people feeding information to the current reincarnation of the tandem and Frognews includes Zhivko Kotsev, former head of the Veliko Tarnovo Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, and people from the Crime Police department who have access to the entire confidential information on significant ongoing investigations. The ties between these people date back to the time when they were working at the Sofia Metropolitan Directorate of Interior and now Iliev is Kotsev's boss. This is why it is far from surprising that Frognews is churning out gossip and fake news regarding the work of individual segments of the National Police.
Ministry of Interior employees also say that the behind-the-scenes operation ran by the Academy's rector and Tsonovski includes dozens of mid-level officials. “The worst part is that these are people from the HR, Legal, and the Information and Analyses departments, as well as the Inspectorate, who have access to absolutely all cases and personnel decisions in the Ministry of Interior. Effectively, they know which officials are being investigated and for what, what is their personnel file, whether they are up for promotion or award, or about to be sanctioned. Every piece of paperwork in the system is monitored and reported to the Stoychev-Tsonovski tandem, and if it is not to their liking, the fake news machine is immediately put into motion through Frognews,” horrified employees reveal. In their words, everyone in the Ministry of Interior knows who the moles serving Stoychev, Tsonovski & Co are, but they are untouchable because of having been hired under the Public Servants Act. To fire one of these clerks, it would almost take a public revolt, the moles' embattled colleagues say.
The role of a mouthpiece for this friendly circle took the undercover psychologist, as he is known in the Interior Ministry, Rosen Yordanov. Invariably, as soon as fake news about the ministry is spread, he becomes active going to the barricades and starts slinging mud on all policemen explaining how dumb they are now and how smart and efficient their former colleagues (i.e. Tsonovski & Co) were. The major foothold of this pseudo-psychologist, which wraps up his every interview, is that the Interior Ministry is in a state of collapse and they have to fire everyone and then reappoint old timers as chiefs.
Yordanov's former colleagues are shocked, especially by the fact that he “administers justice” in a tabloid news outlet, such as Frognews. Meanwhile he avoids answering questions about his own problems with the law - namely whether his was sued by his ex-spouse for domestic violence, whether the court issued a no-contact restraint order for him, and how he dares to comment cases of domestic abuse when he himself is an abuser. Now it is the turn of the circle's mouthpiece to respond as vehemently as he decries his former colleagues from the Interior Ministry.
The trio instigated tension among the anti-terrorism squad before the start of the CorpBank lawsuit and the Bulgarian EU presidency

The trio Tsonovski-Yordanov-Stoychev did not think twice of instigating tension in the task force on combatting terrorism in the end of 2017 only to protect their benefactor Tsvetan Vassilev. Right before the start of a lawsuit against the Bulgarian Madoff, Frognews once again inundated the ministry with heart-felt anonymous letters from antiterrorists complaining of their boss. However, it was a public secret that this special op, performed without a hitch as if by the guidelines of the creepy State Security service, involved only the people of Tsonovski. The timing for a “mutiny” among the commandos was not chosen by chance for another reason, too - it was on the eve of the Bulgarian EU presidency when all leaders of the Member States were to gather in Sofia. Unrest among the special police force who have to protect the VIP guests against terrorists at such a crucial moment could mar the reputation of Bulgaria. What could better distract the public from the trial of the century - the court hearing of Tsvetan Vassilev's case?
The worst blunder of the ex-anti-mafia officer was with a murderer of a girl

The worst professional blunder made by Valentin Tsonovski is the “suicide” of Stoycho Stoev, murderer of a girl. The man shot himself in the temple with his own gun, while being cuffed and in presence of the anti-mafia officer and two of his colleagues. A series of journalistic investigations have revealed that the participants in the event diligently covered the truth about this death, while all doubts concerning the actual state of affairs are not dispelled till this day. The then director of the Institute of Psychology with the Interior Ministry and current rector of the Academy of the Interior Ministry Nedelcho Stoychev also took part in this “precision operation”. According to the latter's former colleagues, he helped to veil the blunder with the death of Stoycho. Stoychev was pushed to the forefront and ordered to confuse the public completely, police veterans maintain. Instead of throwing light on the case, the chief of the Interior Ministry's psychologists has blurred the picture completely with the sole purpose to cover the blunders made by Tsonovski, their colleagues say flat. It transpired from the report of the parliamentary committee investigating the alleged suicide of Stoycho that the anti-mafia officers breached at least a dozen law articles when they arrested the detainee and then witnessed his death.

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